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Cake or Death
Annabelle: "If only for a moment..."
Olive: "But that moment never comes, so what do you do? Decide not to love Ned?"
Annabelle: "Gus."
Olive: "Gus, Gus. See, I've tried that."
Annabelle: "Me too!"
Olive: "Did it work?"
Annabelle: "Heck, no!"
Olive: "So you know what I say?"
We will never find out as the a cappella group kicks in and we see Annabelle being shut into the slammer to serve her 30 year prison sentence.

Jim Dale tells us, while the a capella group continues to sing "Candle on the Water," that Elliot and Merle joined forces in the Papen venture to turn the lighthouse into a spa. They used the cash to go on fishing adventures around the world. Emerson is afloat in a sea of reward money from the Papen Country Historical Society. He shares the cash with Olive, the junior P.I. in training. She says she learned from the best. She turns to leave, but Emerson's got to make sure that she's not going to go all Annabelle Vandersloop on Chuck or any other Pie Hole peeps. She says she's still in love with Ned, and she burns and yearns for him, but there will be no harpooning. Emerson does the sweetest thing ever, and tells her that if being around the too cute duo ever gets too insufferable for her, she's welcome to work for him. All she's got to do is ask. He even hands her a cigar. Olive: "Emerson Cod. I think I may be winning you over." Emerson: "Itty Bitty. You made me love a rainy day again." And this normally unforgiving TV critic's heart grew three sizes that day. Seriously. This show. It just does things to me.

At the Pie Hole, Ned's sitting on a bench outside. Chuck sits down next to him. She's bundled up because of the snow, but I still get a little nervous. She says she used to compare her dad, unobjectively, to all the other dad's on their street. She was convinced he was the strongest, bravest and most fun man in the neighborhood. Ned says he indeed was. Chuck missed that and put him on a pedestal and is unwilling to see him differently. Charles Charles now wants her to leave town. Ned's heart skips a beat. Leave? What? All she has to do is choose cake over pie. He's trying to be her dream dad. Ned looks miserable. Like he may need more of those lozenges that he had from his magic dad induced heartburn. But Chuck eases his pain by telling him that she chose pie. She's safe and happy and loves their local adventures. Ned's not sure what he'll think, but she says that Charles Charles is waiting upstairs. Ned: "With a gun?" Nope. An apology; he wants them to start fresh, and Alive Again. Of course when they get upstairs Charles Charles is gone, he's not interested in hot toddies on the roof, he wants to indulge his wanderlust. There's a simple note that says, "I Chose Too." Chuck and Ned run after him, but they are too late as he's snagged Ned's car and is driving off.

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