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Cake or Death

In Ned's room, Lily is giving Ned the third degree about his rude reception. He shrugs and says he thought they were home invaders. Ned should never lie. He's too adorably bad at it. Lily says that she doesn't understand why he called their names then. Must have been her bad eye, er ears. Nice try, Ned. Vivian said that they were worried Ned had been taken down by the potential stalkers that were living in his house. Nope, the coast is clear, according to Ned. Just ignore that whole squeaking noise coming from the closet. Ned poorly lies that the noise was emanating somehow from himself. A little gastrointestinal upset perhaps? Lily, always being one to act first, ask questions later, pulls open the door, and shoots at the first thing that moves. In this case it is a clown toy, which, in fairness, probably had it coming for pure creepy factor alone. Lily breaks down in tears. But it isn't because she's upset at shooting something, nope, not our Lily, she's made of sterner stuff. She's just freaked out because it is a clown and she has a debilitating fear of them. Vivian says Lily's had the Coulrophobia, since their grandpa chased her around the house with a clown. I'd be freaked out and carry a weapon just in case if that happened to me, too. Jim Dale says that thanks to Chuck's smart thinking, and use of creepy clown toy, she saved herself from an upsetting conversation with her mother. How would that go exactly? I wonder how Lily feels about zombies. Methinks she'd be trigger happy.

Once Vivian escorts a sobbing Lily out of the house, Chuck bravely opens the closet door to find a devastated Ned standing in the middle of his room. Chuck says that they need to talk. Ned puts on his pissed off face, hemorrhoids be damned, and bluntly informs her that she doesn't want to hear what he has to say.

There is a storm front moving in to Papen county. Which well-suits Ned's surly mood. He stands on the roof, next to the bees. Chuck sheepishly comes up behind Ned and says she's been so upset that she can't sleep. Bringing back the dead will do that to you. Ned wants to know who had to die in Charles Charles' place. It was Dwight Dixon. Chuck says that Emerson thinks that the sniper bearing Dixon was planning on killing both Chuck and Ned. Which is good, because Chuck and Ned are still alive, but Ned's not too happy that Emerson has been involved in this whole re-alive dead dad plot. Ned looks like he's physically in pain as Chuck continues that Emerson helped bury Dwight Dixon in Charles Charles' open and now-unused grave. Emerson told Chuck to own up to the errors of her ways, she begged for a little bit more time, and now Ned discovered the secret before she had a chance to tell him. He wants to know what she was planning on saying. She says she'd have admitted that she was reckless, but she refuses to apologize for anything other than deceiving Ned. She's pleased as punch that she has her daddy back. Even if he's covered in bandages and sort of decrepit. Ned's surprisingly touched by this. He understands the impulse to re-alive people. He did it with her and he's not sorry. Chuck grabs a big old brown tarp and wraps her arms around him. After squeezing him so hard he can't breathe (not that he's complaining, mind you) she wants to know what the next step is. Ned's got some rules for becoming "one big happy, albeit unconventional family." Which includes two re-alived people, one re-alived dog and a piemaker who can re-alive all that and more! Interesting. He says they can figure it out, as long as they are together. Chuck looks at him all dreamy-eyed and confirms they are "so together that electrons couldn't get between us." Nice to know that someone paid attention in high school science class. Ned tells Chuck that she's beaming. She says she's not the only one, as she looks off in the distance. Ned glances over his shoulder and sees a Bat Signal in the sky. Except instead of a bat, it is a dead woman.

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