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Cake or Death

Olive, still in ghost tale telling mode, informs the Pie Holers that Merle is not the man he used to be. He would roam the beaches at midnight and was prone to rages. He's now a murderer at large. Just then, the door to the Pie Hole opens, with a little jingle of the bells. The gang sees a shadowy Gorton's fisherman person in the doorway and they all begin to scream. Including the ghost friendly Olive.

When we return from commercials, we see that it isn't Merle, but instead his son is Elliot McQuoddy (Elliot also being the name of the dragon in Pete's Dragon ... I'm just saying). He was told (by someone at the Dim Sum Palace perhaps?) that Emerson could be found at the Pie Hole. He wants to employee Mr. Cod's services to clear his father's name. He's got a jar filled with spare change as payment. It's his entire life savings, which he accumulated combing the shoreline near his lighthouse home with his metal detector. The girls immediately flank this poor, sad teenage boy, but Emerson is less than thrilled. He asks for the details. Elliot's mom dropped her son off at the movies (with homemade peanut brittle -- delicious) and didn't return to pick him up. He walked home and the cops were everywhere and told young Elliot that his dad was responsible. Ned comes in bearing pie and a huge container of ice cream, and asks Elliot if he'd like it a la mode. "Lots and lots, please. Who knows when I'll get another meal without mom to make it." At which point he leans his head awkwardly on Olive's ample bosom for comfort. She pats him and pushes him off, at which point he tries for Chuck. What a little schemer! Emerson's not won over by this little scene. He tells the kid he can't help him, because eyewitnesses saw Merle fleeing the lighthouse. But Elliot knows his dad was happy that their family was finally reunited and he'd never do such a thing. Ned just continues eating ice cream straight from the giant carton (can't let it go to waste now with the power out.) A poor dejected and essentially orphaned Elliot runs off to the bathroom. Emerson says, "Hate to be a bitch, but ain't no way in the world I'm taking this case." He does however take Elliot's pie a la mode. He thinks that Merle's ship came back "minus a few oars." He doesn't like getting involved in open and shut cases, especially when only spare change is offered as payment. "Plus, I don't work in the rain." To which Ned has the best throwaway line ever, "Clearly, you don't hate being a bitch that much." Nice. Chuck offers up her third of the cut, though she's going to take a personal day, to deal with "personal persons." Reluctantly, Emerson agrees, though he's gonna need to get a new raincoat.

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