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You know, these are all good points. "Well, now that you mention it," Ned says, getting into it, "I'm mad!" He slams his fist down to add that he's furious, but Emerson's already past him. "Oh, get over it, fool," he says. Poor Ned is flabbergasted to have been shot down just as he was getting riled up, but there is no time to express this, as Olive arrives to interrupt. After being all up in the middle of stuff with Emerson last week, she's back on the back burner now, and it isn't pretty. "This is one of them need-to-know cases," Emerson snarls as she sees the angst around the table and tries to discern the facts. Unfair! "No casual case chit-chat to pass the time while we peruse the menu?" she winks, hoping to get in on the action. Emerson: "We don't chit-chat where we eat." Awesome, but mean. "But I'm your Itty-Bitty," Olive protests, reminding him of last week. "I'm helpful." In response, Emerson tersely puts in his pie order, signaling the others to do the same. At least Chuck has the good graces to look pained about it.

Olive, wearing an awesome long-sleeved version of her normal sleeveless uniform, has had enough. She's not a yo-yo, she says, to be jerked around on some "today, let's include her/tomorrow, let's not" whim. And if she is, she says, there are only so many knots she can tie in her yo-yo string before it snaps for good. "Please, Olive," Chuck says, plaintively, but Emerson ain't having it. "Please, Olive, my ass," he snarks. "Where's my pie?" Why Olive doesn't poor coffee all over him, I don't know, but she walks away glaring hard enough to peel paint. Chuck says that she hates this whole thing -- it's wrong to make Olive keep a bunch of secrets without letting her in on the whole story. "Why can't we just tell her everything?" she asks. Um, this was not the day to make such a suggestion, obviously. "Oh, look at that," Emerson says. "A dumb idea just found a friend." He adds that they can't go telling Little Big Mouth all their problems, as it will only create more problems for them all. Though Chuck argues that all Olive has done is help them and trust them, Ned takes Emerson's grumpy side and says they can't afford the risk.

Speaking of risks, another one soon walks in the door when later that night Vivian visits Emerson in his office as he untangles his balls. His yarn balls, I'm saying. She wants him to find Dwight Dixon, presenting as a helpful visual aid a sketch she's made of him wearing a medallion. The look Chi McBride shoots at the camera when he sees the sketch... it makes my years of recapper's elbow (soon to be a certified orthopedic disease listed in the Journal of American Medicine) worth it. But see, as Emerson (and all of us) realizes, there are facts here that the lovely Vivian does not know, and those facts are these: Dwight romanced her to get what he wanted -- Charles Charles's pocketwatch. So, you know, Dwight dug up Chuck's (empty) grave to get the watch, which Lily then stole back from him, along with Dwight's own watch. Believing Chuck and Ned to have stolen the watches, Dwight went to kill the lovebirds and was instead killed himself by the proximity rule when Chuck fandangled Ned into not rekilling her dad. He can't tell any of this to Vivian, though, and though heartbroken by her sadness, he must cruelly dismiss her worries as those of a woman scorned. I really get mad whenever Ellen Greene is onscreen because she is SO GOOD. Honestly, all these people are more than good and it's embarrassing to me as a human being that this show was cancelled. I feel terrible for all these actors -- really, this job must have almost been too good to be true. Brilliant cast, great writing, amazing costumes and sets, hilarious guest stars. Gee, sounds like a recipe for disaster, ABC! Good job on that cancellation decision. Hate! Anyway, trying to get her off the trail, Emerson really has to hit hard. "You see, men are dogs," he says. "They come sniffin' around, barkin' up your tree, but if they don't see a kitty cat up in that tree, pretty soon they just stop barkin'. Dwight ain't missin'. He's barkin' up somebody else's tree." Cruel, but so funny. Vivian gets tears in her eyes, swearing Dwight would never do that. "I'm advising you," Emerson says again, "to not look for Dwight Dixon." Vivian keeps pushing, though, and finally Emerson snaps. "Dwight Dixon's gone away," he says, his voice trembling, "now you just accept that and stop trying to bring him back." Vivian gathers up her things, seemingly defeated and Jim Dale tells us that though Emerson hated to drop the bomb on her like that, a shock and awe campaign was the only way to stop her search for Dwight.

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