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Anyway, the Norwegians in question abandoned their motherland when they heard that, hey, Americans kill each other all the time, especially in C'oeur de C'oeur, and they headed on over, only to be consistently trumped by none other than Emerson and his piemaking sidekick. With somewhat questionable accents, the crew gets in Emerson's face, explaining that Vivian hired them to find Dwight, and that they know he's hiding something. "I don't know diddly," Emerson drones. "Or squat." Unfortunately for Emerson, Magnus says, the facts say the opposite. Indeed, Nils is only happy to provide the facts as they see them, which are these: 1. Emerson turned down Vivian's case, which goes against his normal policy of never turning down money for any reason. 2. When discussing Dwight with Vivian, Emerson referred to him as a bad man. 3. Emerson and Dwight previously hobnobbed in the same circles. With this third fact, Emerson takes issue. "The hell I did," he says. "We didn't nob no hobs, and certainly not in no damn circle." God, that made me laugh. So dirty, yet so cute. How do they do it? Anyway, the Norwegians have proof of their nobbing -- Dwight's credit card receipts showed he was a frequent diner at the Pie Hole, establishing a reasonable connection. "Not reasonable!" Ned finally speaks up. "Unreasonable! Purely circumstantial! And a little rude." The Norwegians ignore him. They plan, they say, to prove that Emerson and Ned are hiding important facts in the case. "Yeah, how you plan to do that?" Emerson retorts. Magnus: "With help from our Mother." Y'all. "Mother" is their rolling laboratory, housed in a tricked-out, Norwegian-flag-painted RV. On the back is the helpful acronym: Mobile Investigative Lab Facility. M.I.L.F. Seriously, it's too awesome. Magnus explains that if there is a shred of evidence connecting Emerson to the case, Mother will find it. Finally, Ned can take no more. "Then run on home to your Mother," he says, shoving them all out the door, "because you're not welcome here." Magnus announces that they'll find them at the Come and Sleep Motel. Turning to Ned, Nils asks if he has any last words, and as Ned opens his mouth to speak, Nils quickly swabs his tongue with a forensic swab! But wait! He didn't see the tiny Olive sneak under the radar -- she is there in a flash to grab the swab just as quickly! BUT WAIT! As she revels in her swift maneuver, Nils uses his tweezers to pluck a hair from her head. The Norwegians seem to have won this weird round.

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