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Back in town, the Norwegians are dealing with evidence of their own, keeping their eye on Emerson who is, in turn, keeping his eye on them. Using his sneakoscope or whatever they call those little dentist mirrors that can be used to spy on people when stuck with gum on the end of a stick, Emerson spies on the inside of Mother where he finds the Norwegians, gathered around... Olive, dressed in the uniform of her new countrymen. "Shut yo' mouth," she's telling Magnus and the gang, "I can't believe you guys think my former friends are up to no good, too." Snap! Or, as Jimmy D can't help but put it: "OH, HELL NO." When I am done rewinding it for the 80th time, we hear Olive continuing to rip on the Pie Holers. She can't count the number of secrets they flaunt in her face, she says. Furthermore, Dwight Dixon did used to hang out at the Pie Hole, "until he didn't." And FURTHERmore, she's brought that saliva sample they took from Ned. "Because they have things in their mouths and in their hands that they do not want spread around," she adds, and sips her Norwegian tea with smug satisfaction. Nils wonders if these "things" would lead them to kill Dwight Dixon. "Well, that's why I'm here," Olive says, all business. "You tell me. There's plenty of sumpin'-sumpin' going on with those dirty birds, and since you're all about getting answers and so am I, I figured it was about time I joined the A-Team." Oh, the magical delights my mind concocts when I imagine Kristin Chenoweth alongside Mr. T...

In fact, the Norwegians are glad to have her. The DNA analysis they performed on her hair, Nils says, told them everything they needed to know. "Oh," Olive squirms. "I was under the impression that penicillin would clear that up." Hee. No, what they mean, the lusty Hedda says, is that Olive is "of good, strong, shapely Norwegian stock. Skol!" Hee. Olive swigs down her Norwegian booze with uncomfortable gusto, even trying a little Minnesotia "doncha know" on for size as she grins awkwardly at Hedda's suggestive eyebrow. She compliments Mother, their seriously pimped-out forensicmobile. "Mudder is the heart and soul of vat ve do," Nils says. "Widdout her, we'd be just anudder..." Olive: "Emerson Clod?!" Oh, how they laugh. Olive asks her new team what they really think happened to Dwight. They believe, they say, that he was a dangerous man with a destructive agenda. He, Nils says, "most likely met with a wiolent end." Ha! Using all their available tools aboard Mother, they've tracked Dwight's last movements to the cemetery. What he was doing by Chuck's and her dad's graves, Hedda says, pointedly, they can't say. That is, for now -- oh, yes, people, they have exhumation orders!

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