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Moments later Emerson sits in his office facing his enemies. "Let me tell you everything I know," he starts, but Nils interrupts. "There is nothing you can tell us that Mother can't," he says, "once she finishes her analysis." Hedda twists the knife. "Although... ve don' weesh to look a geefthor' in the mouth, Meester Cod," she adds, hilariously. "Vy vould you tell us everyting you know?" Emerson: "Because confession is good for the soul?" Ha. He continues to blather on a bit windily. "Detective work is a lot like money; it don't really come with instructions," he says. "I learned that from the greatest detective in the world. 'Course I'm talkin' 'bout Shaft... you can dig it." The genius of Chi McBride; there's no putting it into words.

Ah, but if you're wondering why Emerson is presenting his facts to the Norwegians, Jim Dale explains: while all this is going on, Ned and Chuck prepare to enter Mother's empty nest. Chuck is excited all prepared with her sexy, plan-making man to hotwire this Norwegian RV. "Shall we?" she asks but, no, they shan't. "I shall steal Mother alone," Ned says, "and you shall stay here as a lookout." Chuck ain't having it. "I shan't do any such thing!" she protests, adding that they're in this jam because she brought her dad back and let him live. But the thing is, Ned doesn't blame her for that -- how could he when he kept her alive out of love, too. Emerson didn't have to force him to join the PI team, he did it of his own free will. If there's anyone to blame for this whole crazy mess, he says, it's him. Thus, he's going to take the risks, if they are to be taken, and he heads into the RV and gets to work. Immediately, he is come upon by none other than Olive! "YOU!" they say in unison, and Ned swears this isn't what it looks like. "You're not trying to hotwire Mother so you can drive away with the truckload of evidence they have on you?" Olive asks. Well, okay then, Ned says, it IS what it looks like. As he works on the hotwiring, he says he's sorry they've had to keep secrets from her. "The last thing I wanted to do was shut you out of my life and open you up to the Norwegians," he says. Olive sighs. "Is that what you think this is about?" she asks. Ned: "You gave them my swab!" Olive: "Pig spit!" Ned is flabbergasted. "Don't deny it!" he whisper-yells. "Emerson saw you!" Olive sighs again. No, dummy, she tells him -- that wasn't his swab, it was really pig spit! From Pigby! She would never turncoat on them -- she's more of a reversible jacket, she says -- she went Norwegian so she could bring down this operation from the inside. She knows they have dirt on Ned, she says, but she can't figure out what they did to make him look SO dirty. "I think I got myself dirty," Ned admits, chagrined. "Well, allow me to soap up those hard to reach places," Olive offers, all innocence. She says this Itty Bitty is always on his side, no questions asked. Ned looks relieved, until she suggests maybe she could guess the answers to the secrets! Ha! "Olive..." he starts, but she jumps back in and asks if he can answer yes or no if she asks the right questions. "Can you ask the questions while we steal the RV?" Ned asks. Ah, that's a yes or no question and Olive has an answer: yes. Not only that, she has the key to Mother and producing it from her cleavage, they are off, much to the dejection of the Norwegians who spy their escape from Emerson's office, and race after them in vain.

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