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Water and Power

Rollie Stingwell, millionare builder and sole director of the Papen County Dam, was last seen by his secretary as he was getting ready to leave his office after a busy day. The next morning, however, his body was discovered in a dry riverbed, one half mile from the dam! Y'all, when my husband and I saw that Rollie Stingwell was played by blaxploitation legend Fred Williamson, we had to pause and give this show a slow clap. Total brilliance. Brother was in Three the Hard Way! He was also a Raider and a Chief! I honestly bow down to the casting department -- they have never made a misstep. Anyway, Rollie's final moments must have been quite traumatic, because when the finger-touch trio go to see him in the morgue, they find his head on backwards. Aaiieee! "Just think of him like an owl," Ned says nervously when Chuck audibly ughs. It helps when Rollie sits straight up and immediately asks "WHO?" He is, for more than the regular reason, surprised to see Emerson there. Surprised and mad -- he tells Ned and Chuck that Emerson stole away the love of his life, and that the worst part is, he paid him to do it. Emerson snarks that Rollie got his money back and plus, it isn't stealing if the thing being stolen wants to be stolen.

Understandably, Ned and Chuck are confused. "I have questions!" Ned says, in awe of these revelations about Emerson's private life. Remembering his short deadline, though, he says he'll wait to ask them. Rollie -- who scratches the front of his shoulder while his head is turned backwards, causing me to scream in terror/delight -- says he spent years angry at Emerson. "But, now, here in..." he pauses, trying to figure out exactly where he is. "A limbo-y, non-denominational way station?" Chuck fills in helpfully. This seems to satisfy Rollie, who says that the anger has gone. "I can see I spent my life living in a haze of a broken heart," he says. "I have tamed nature. I have stopped rivers from flowing. But the one thing I couldn't do was make that woman love me." Emerson sighs, impatient. "If it makes you feel any better, Stingwell," he says, "I couldn't do it, either." In fact it does make Stingwell feel better. Yes, indeed, he smiles now as he tells them that he was killed by Lila Robinson, herself, who must have come back for the Dam Ruby. Out of time, Ned thanks Rollie and applies the re-touch. He has barely hit the slab again before Chuck has to ask: "Who the heck is Lila Robinson?" Sighing again, Emerson gives it up: "She's the babymama that took my daughter."

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