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Water and Power

Across town, Emerson has returned one last time to the water company in search for more dam evidence. He's surprised to also find Detective Puget there. "Looking for more pictures of your girlfriend, Cod?" the guy smarms. "I think I've found your angle." Puget has discovered Lila's past identity, and believes she came to town again to steal the ruby and kill Stingwell. Of course, this is what Emerson originally wanted him to think, but is now trying to trick him out of thinking because he wants to clear Lila and see his daughter. Thus, they have a confusing conversation in which Puget thanks him for the tip that Emerson now wants to retract. Puget also has a photo taken of Lila, in profile, leaving the building a half hour after Stingwell disappeared. He can't yet figure how Lila got the body half a mile away in a dry gulley, but says they'll figure it out when they take her into custody, which he thinks will be before morning. "At that moment," Jim Dale says with emotion, "Emerson Cod was overcome with 100 percent certainty that he would never see his daughter again. And, then, he was un-overcome by an idea that had a one percent chance of being correct." He looks up at the map of pipes on the wall and is in the midst of an epiphany about them when Simone shows up. "I knew you'd come back to the scene of the crime," she says, contrite. "I'm sorry I bolted on you." Emerson says it's okay, because she's there now. As they go off to test his new theory for leaks, JD says, Lila continues to drive unaware of the untouchable cargo in the trunk. "If love does make you stupid," Ned says to the blanketed lump that is Chuck, "then we must really love Emerson." AW. Chuck answers that it will all be worth it if they find Penny. "Ned? When I said that our love was hardy," she says, "it was just another way of saying it's hard." She adds, though, that if Emerson wasn't blinded by love there would never have been a Penny, and he wouldn't have had anything to lose, which would be so much easier. "Do you want us to be easier?" Ned asks, sadly. Chuck reluctantly says no, but wonders why anyone loves anything -- it just gives you more to lose. "Why love something?" Ned repeats. "Because we can." Awww, Chuck says, along with the rest of us, as they hear the brakes. Um, yeah -- Lila says it best as she raises the trunk -- when you're hiding out from someone in their own car, it's best to keep the philosophical chatting to a minimum.

Olive and Randy have returned to the Pie Hole invigorated, though they did lose Lila's car in the chase. They figure their cohorts are okay, seeing as how Olive disarmed "that crazy-ass She-Wolf." Randy asks if it's insensitive of him to say that all this detective work is fun. "Only if they're dead," Olive says, sitting down. "But they're not, right? They're fine." Switching subjects, she admits to Randy that she had intended to use him to squeeze Ned out of her head, but she doesn't think she can do that, now. He's glad, he says, because he likes spending time with her. "That's the problem," she insists. "I don't want this to make you muddle-headed so you make a bad decision. I've been through a lot, Randy. I'm gonna be difficult." Olive's so cute. Randy says he's willing to take the chance of being the rebound guy, because he believes that in time, she'll forget she ever bounced. Olive is charmed. Sweetly, she starts to say that if they are very careful, there might be away to not... but Randy interrupts her with a kiss, to which I say a hearty YAAY! Totally adorbs. "How was that?" he asks a breathless Olive when he's done. "For the first time in a very long time," she says, spinning on her stool, "the thought I had for Ned went right out of my head!" Weirdly, though, they're standing right outside the door. Ned and Chuck, not the thoughts. And, hee, they're in their underwear. Lila put them out on the side of the road without their clothes, Chuck cries, and they had to run all the way back. "We have to help Emerson!" she says, "Who knows what she's going to do!" Throwing his coat around Chuck, Randy follows Ned's orders and heads out to pull his car around while they get dressed to run out again to catch Lila. But as Ned turns and flips off the lights, they see that the beautiful bouquet of flowers Chuck received earlier from the farmer are on the counter, glowing in the dark.

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