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Window Dressed to Kill

Morning dawns and we see her at the Pie Hole reaching out to the police. She tells them again that Buster and Jerry should never have had to serve time in the first place, having been wrongfully accused. They are interrupted by none other than Mother Superior herself, who arrives with her sisters. She and Olive have a lovely exchange about the good word crossing borders and yadda yadda, it's great and all, but I ain't typing it. What you really want to know are the facts, right? Well, the facts are these: good ol' Mother Superior had become rather a superior mother figure to Olive and with the aid of the classic nun disguise, the sisters sneak Jerry and Buster off to their new life, right under the noses of the fuzz.

Rearranging the storage area to accommodate the ingredients that a SuperPieMaker needs (i.e. dead fruit), Chuck says it was for the best she wasn't involved with the run to the border and the Olive/Ned "love" story. "I was peeved just thinking about it," she says. Ned is shocked. "Are you jealous of Olive?" he asks. Chuck says of course she is -- Olive's alive and Ned doesn't have to wait until winter to hold hands with her. "The only hand I want to hold is yours," Ned says. "And I will wear winter clothes year-round to do it." Besides, he says, Olive is finally over him. "Even when I thought I was doing everything she wanted me to do," he says, "I still ended up hurting her." Indeed, JD tells us. "The guilt the piemaker felt over the hurt he'd caused was mixed with a tinge of something, but he did not know what." Ned carries a bowl of alive-again peaches to the front of the kitchen and sees Olive sitting there with Randy Mann, holding Randy Mann's manly hand. Without warning, Jim Dale says, Ned recognizes the tinge. "Jealousy."

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