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Constant Craving

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Constant Craving

Contrary to what one would have thought, Stuart Jones isn't a big fan of sex for breakfast. Or at least that's what I deduce from him kicking not one, but two naked men out of his flat after his alarm goes off at the beginning of episode five. Who knew? At the same time, in another flat, Nathan has his slumber cut to a screeching halt by a new "friend" of his called Daniel (Dazz). "Shift your arse," Dazz tells him. "It's time to go sign on [for welfare benefits]." After getting dressed, Nathan and Dazz are walking away from the flat, and Dazz tells him that he had a good time the night before. "Am I going to see you again, or what?" he asks. "You can see me now," Nathan replies, smiling cheekily. "Fuck off!" Dazz says with annoyance, walking away. I find that it's fun to live vicariously through certain Queer as Folk characters -- specifically, the ones who tell Nathan to fuck off.

Outside Stuart's flat, his sister Marie has arrived with her two young sons. Stuart hugs them, and the men we previously saw naked in his flat make their exit, saying goodbye to Stu, whose nephew asks Marie who they are. "Those nice men just popped in to fix your uncle's plumbing," Marie tells him, smiling at her brother. Nathan, meanwhile, blazes back into Hazel's house, telling her about Dazz and asking if she's ironed his shirt, and if there's enough hot water for him to take a shower. Hazel is not amused. "You could have been dead," she says icily. Hazel, I don't think I'm that lucky, but live in hope, eh? Hazel tells him that Janice is coming around, and asks him if he wants her to tell his mum that he's been staying out all night and not coming home until the morning. Nathan says he doesn't want her to tell Janice, and that he's sorry. "You're in this house on a favour, sunshine. Don't piss me off," Hazel tells him tersely. Later, Janice arrives to take Nathan to school, and Hazel is all smiles and pleasantness, putting on a really good act, despite her irritation with Nathan. Janice gives her money for Nathan's food, and a bit extra for pens, instructing Hazel to give him only two pens at a time, proving that just because Nathan doesn't live at home any more, it doesn't mean his mother can't still baby him. The new living arrangements also haven't stopped Nathan from being a complete dick to his mother, because when she drops him off at school and asks him to come to dinner, if for no other reason than to see his little sister, Nathan bolts from the car. "I'm not giving up, Nathan! I'm not walking out!" she calls after him as he runs toward Donna. Poor Janice. She should have kept the cord and binned the baby.

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