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Constant Craving

Janice is at Hazel's, telling Nathan that she'll be over on Sunday night to check his history project, which is due on Monday, and asks Hazel if that's okay. Hazel tells her it's fine, and invites her to stay for dinner on Sunday. "It's like having two mothers!" Nathan complains. "And whose fault is that?" Janice asks him pointedly. Nathan storms out, and Hazel tells her to give it time. "We'll wear him down," she says. "I've banned Eastenders -- he's livid." And you know I can't let this pass without comment, being the huge Eastenders fan that I am, but that does sound like a pretty harsh punishment. So, good for Hazel. In the kitchen, Vince is putting away the groceries, and turns around to face Janice. "It's very simple," he tells her. "You go upstairs, pack his bags, shove him in the car and take him home. Who's in charge, you or him?" Don't you think it would be cool if Vince could be half as assertive with Stuart as he's being with this poor woman? I do. Janice starts to cry, and says that Nathan keeps threatening to run off to London, and she doesn't want to lose him. Hazel reassures her that as long as he stays there at her house, he's safe. Janice wonders what she's done wrong, and Hazel tells her, "He's fifteen. Some boys don't come out of the closet -- they explode." Vince asks Janice about Nathan's Dad, and she says that he won't talk about it, and that she literally has no one to talk to about the situation. She's frightened that the school will find out and tell Social Services, who will then come and interview Helen, Nathan's little sister, who's only ten years old, and then put her name on the register of neglected children. Hazel tries to comfort her, telling her that Social Services wouldn't do that. "They'd just visit," she says. "Oh, and you'd know, wouldn't you?" Janice shoots back, still crying. She quickly apologizes, and says that she's got it wrong. "Somewhere down the line, I got it all wrong," she laments, asking Vince to keep an eye on Nathan if he spots him on Canal Street. After she leaves, Hazel makes a beeline for her son. "Oh, well done, Vince. Reduce a grown woman to tears. Like no one's talked to her till you come blundering in. What's the matter with you?" "I've got a date," Vince says, sounding as surprised as Hazel looks. How this passes as an excuse for being unusually cruel to Janice, I have no idea. We next see Vince looking at himself in the mirror at his place. "No, I do not want a pension. Cameron, just stop right there," he sternly lectures his reflection, wagging a finger at the mirror. "No pension. NO!"

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