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Constant Craving

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Constant Craving

Vince is back at his flat with the Fashion Victim, getting his face gnawed off -- literally. "Oops, sorry. Do you mind shutting your mouth a bit?" he asks sweetly. "Yeah, sure," FV says, and they resume kissing, with FV opening his mouth wide enough to fit my fist in it. (Sorry, just a little fantasy.) Stopping him, Vince explains, "It's just a bit more sexy if you keep your mouth shut a bit." "Yeah, sure," FV says again, and moves to lift Vince's shirt over his head. Just over Vince's shoulder, he spots something on the shelf that makes him totally lose his shit. No prizes for guessing that it's Doctor Who-related. "Oh my god! You've got Genesis of the Daleks!" he screams, coming to climax way earlier than I think Vince intended. "Yeah," Vince says, not believing his shitty luck. "Can we watch it?" FV asks excitedly. "Um...we can watch it after, yeah?" FV's not having it, and pleads with Vince to let him watch it now. The next shot is of some character from Doctor Who (sorry, Wing Chun, but I just won't stoop to looking up Doctor Who sites on the Internet in the name of research) shouting, "Exterminate! Exterminate!" ["I'm taking a wild guess that it's a Dalek, with dialogue like that, and no, don't ask me how I know." -- Toenail] while FV practically bounces up and down, and Vince sulks in the background. FV takes it upon himself to share some DW trivia with Vince, which would be akin to me giving George W. Bush some tips on how to make it in politics with no brain to speak of.

The next morning, Stuart is standing at the train station with Martin Brooks, who tells him he had a good time last night, "except for the spitting. I suppose you got lucky." Stuart looks at him with annoyance, prompting a quick change of subject. "Good clubs, though. It must be marvellous doing that all the time," Martin comments. "Do you think?" Stuart asks sarcastically. "Should be good tonight," Martin says, and Stuart ignores him, asking what time his train leaves. "Oh, I'll call and cancel," Martin replies. "I'll tell Ann I've got to work." Stuart then proceeds to go off, perhaps a bit more angrily than a man who's still not out of the closet to his parents should be allowed to. "Cancel. Go out, get pissed, get shagged. Then you can do it again. Then you can do it again. Get shagged every night of your life. Forget your wife, forget your kids. Just don't be a tourist. You either do it or you don't," he says, spitting the words out. "So what's it gonna be -- stayin' or goin'?" Martin looks as embarrassed as he should, and says that his train is at half past. Stuart walks away, throwing a disgusted glance behind him. Ah, Stuart as Social Moralizer -- I didn't think I'd live to see everything, you know.

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Queer as Folk U.K.




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