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Death And Remembrance

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Death And Remembrance
and says, "You know you're getting older when the drama queens start looking younger." Indeed. Nathan appeals to her to let him spend the night, just for one night. "He's stupid enough," Vince comments. "He could run off." Bernard glances at Hazel and says, "Christ, does that mean I'm sleeping with you?" Hazel looks at him and makes a face like Mick Jagger kissing the air. It's cute. Hazel rules. Nevertheless, she does let Nathan stay, and he goes up to Vince's old room and starts looking around. Downstairs, Stuart tells Hazel to "pack him off home." Vince looks at him evenly and says, in a voice that's suddenly and scarily gone down about eight octaves, "You do it. It's your problem." I have to say, I'm really proud of Vince for finally getting on Stuart's case in a thoroughly non-joking manner. All we have to do is eliminate his little Dalek jones and he'll be well on his way to non-lamity. Stuart gives his standard response: "Fuck off, Vince." He gets up and walks towards the stairs, saying that he's going for a piss. Hazel is determined to get an address and phone number out of Nathan, and Bernard tells her that the problem is not gay, not homosexual -- it's cock. "You're fifteen, and your mother knows you like cock." He pauses to take a drag on his ciggie. "Fair dues -- it is revolting."

Upstairs, Nathan is looking at all of the photos of Vince and Stuart that are tacked up on the corkboard when Stuart appears in the doorway. Nathan looks terrified to see him, and nervously asks if that's him in all the pictures. Stuart stays silent and slowly walks over to where Nathan is standing. "How old were you there?" Nathan asks, pointing to a photo. "Young," Stuart replies. Then he grabs Nathan and gives him a passionate snog, undoes his trousers and proceeds to strong-arm one of the most violent, painful-looking handjobs I've ever…well, not been on the receiving end of, I guess. Not having a penis, I don't know if it hurt, but it looked like it did, though I'm pretty sure those were cries of ecstasy that Stuart had to muffle with his hand over Nathan's mouth. Stuart then pushes Nathan to the floor and -- there's no pretty way to say this -- administers a forceful face-fuck (say that five times fast). Sixteen seconds later, he and Nathan smile at each other and Stuart walks to the loo and flushes the toilet for effect, returning to the conversation downstairs. Nathan follows him after a few moments, sans shirt. Stuart stares at his bare torso, and Vince catches him, starting to twig what -- or, rather, who -- Stuart was doing upstairs. He looks at Stuart in disgust, then asks Nathan what he wants. "Can I have a towel?" he asks, smiling at Stuart, then at Vince. As Hazel toddles off to get him one, Nathan says to Vince -- who has just about had it -- "Nice room. Thanks." He knows he's twisting the knife. Vince, fed up, says, "It was a funeral. Cos you didn't even ask. You think we're wearing black cos it's the fashion? It was Phil. You met Phil." Nathan looks at him and says, "Yeah," clearly not giving a shit. "Well he's dead," Vince tells him. Nathan shrugs and says, "Sorry," but the way he says it is more like, "Sorry?" Like he's asking Vince if this is what he's supposed to say. Here, my distaste for Nathan reaches an all-time high. I really wish that Vince was the violent type at this point. "Is that it? SORRY?!" Vince cries. "I didn't really know him," Nathan says. "I just had a drink with him." Ooh, does this remind you of the part at the funeral where Vince kept trying to downplay his own relationship with Phil? Because I think it's supposed to; call it a hunch. Hazel brings Nathan a towel, and he smiles at Vince. "I'd better clean up," he says, turning on his heel and going back upstairs. Hazel asks Vince if he'll go with her to Nathan's house once they get the address out of him. Vince once again looks at Stuart. "It's his problem -- his fault," he says, really spitting out the T in "fault." Bernard says that to show up with Stuart, "Manchester's champion shagger," would be asking for trouble. Vince laughs incredulously and says that it must be okay to take him (Vince), then, because he's harmless. Having finally had enough, he gets up and says he's left some things in the Jeep. Vince walks out of the house, past the Jeep and keeps on going. Stuart comes after him, hopping in the Jeep and driving beside him, asking what's wrong and begging him to get in the car. He offers to take him for a drink, or do whatever he wants, but Vince remains silent and furious, walking faster and faster up the road. "Fuck off," Stuart says. "I'm going! Please just get in the car!" Vince breaks into a run, sprinting down the curiously empty street. I don't know if running away is the first step in getting a backbone, but I guess he's got to start somewhere.

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