Enquiring Minds Want To Know

by Della Femina October 26, 2000
Enquiring Minds Want To Know

Russell T. Davies: Um, strangely I seemed to know most of the relevant information. Which is why I wrote it, can't bear bloody research! The most research I did was on supermarkets -- most of which I ditched, it was too mad! There's a sitcom waiting to happen there. In Asda, if you work in the office, you're given a red baseball cap. You're allowed to put the cap on once a day, and when you do, your fellow workers can't interrupt you for two hours. If I put that in a script, they'd say I'm mad. I won't even bother you with the Fruit Identification Programme.

There you go, but tell you what, while I'm feeling chatty...I saw one question on your QAF forum, before it was archived, which asked, "What was QAF2 like before Donna was written out?" Good question, no one's ever asked that -- d'you mind if I rattle on about that? Talking about Misfits has sent me into flashback mode.

In the original QAF2, there was a lot less Dazz -- he filled the space Donna left. Basically, it picked up on the hint in [the first series], that Donna's mum had a boyfriend who was a bit dodgy, maybe even fancying Donna. That got a bit worse -- just a bit, still only hints -- but that story gave a chance for Nathan to do something for Donna for once, to show Nathan growing up and taking responsibility for others at last. So he packs Donna's bags and moves her into Hazel's! Resulting in a lovely but vile scene between Donna and Bernard's revolting sixty-year-old boyfriend, Raymondo: "Who's the fish?" Yuck! As you can see, rewrites always do you good, cos I loved the extra Nathan/Dazz stuff in the end, particularly Nathan and his mum in the kitchen after dinner.

Apart from that, Donna was just around in a lot of the scenes -- and stealing the limelight, as is her wont. Brilliant actress, she was so lovely. There's only a couple of points where I still miss her. Towards the end of the second hour, in the pub, Stuart talks to Nathan's mum, Janice - "He thinks you're God," etc. -- that was supposed to be Donna. And it's fine with Janice, but it's such a shame that Donna never spoke a word to Stuart on screen; that scene was invented to redress that. What a combination.

And then, in Dante's, Vince kills himself laughing when Stuart sees a man he fancies but Nathan steps in, snogs the man, and takes him home. Nice moment. But then, they were supposed to see Nathan and the man just walk past Donna, who's been abandoned, and she just stands there with an abandoned look -- just like Stuart has done to Vince a million times. So Vince stops laughing, and Stuart laughs at him. Nice. Never mind!

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