Enquiring Minds Want To Know

by Della Femina October 26, 2000
Enquiring Minds Want To Know

I think, then, Donna was with Nathan on Canal Street for the climax -- yes, of course she was, cos she was living at Hazel's, I think this is actually why she was living at Hazel's, really, to get everyone in the right place for the ending. So Donna sees Hazel and Bernie race off in the MG to stop Vince at the supermarket, and Donna runs off to school to tell Nathan, and Nathan runs off in pursuit, Donna following. I still hate the fact that, to get Nathan to Canal Street, Alexander phones him up. Why?! Alexander phones Nathan?! Since when were they friends?

But then, for the final Canal Street scenes, I'm fifty/fifty now. I loved Donna being there, cos it sort of spoke for a different future for Canal Street as Stuart hands over the keys, straight and gay mixed. Like Stuart and Vince are old hat, now. "Stick with your friends, and you'll be fine," Vince still says -- there's no bloody friend there! But the point still stands. And then again, the entire series was about those three boys, so I love the fact that now, it's just those three for the crucial moment. That's probably better.

Then, there'd been a few lines dotted throughout, of Donna taking a more political, activist stance than Nathan -- that's why the mysterious, offstage "Youth Group" is mentioned, attending Nathan's birthday party -- that was under Donna's instigation. All of which was just leading up to Donna's final photo caption, "Donna became M.P. for Manchester East." And I bet she did, too.

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