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It Happened One Night

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It Happened One Night

Nathan and Donna have arrived on the scene, in another cab on Stuart's account, and Nathan tells her not to look if she sees guys kissing, not to look if she sees guys dressed up like women, and not to look if she sees Stuart. Nathan apparently doesn't know that he's only the boss of the applesauce. Inside the smallish club, Stuart and his friends are ogling a young man standing at the bar in a sweaty undershirt and too much gel in his hair. "I'd stick me head up his arse and wear him like a hat," Alexander quips. We're then provided with a momentary subtitle as Lee comments, "I'd give him one," in Japanese. Stuart, ever-confident, says, "Right, that's my night sorted. What are you lot gonna do?" And you know that he's going to get his way, don't you?

Vince's mother, Hazel, is at the club with Bernard and has been spotted by Nathan just as Donna is telling him that Stuart is short and not that good-looking, and that she thinks he can do much better. All but ignoring her (for a change), Nathan swoops down on Hazel and says hello. "Who the fuck are you?" she asks in a lilting, happy tone of voice. Nathan tries to explain how he knows Vince, and Hazel tells him to either sit down at their table or move, because he's blocking the view. Motioning towards the guy Stuart's set his sights on, she says, "I've got £10 on Stuart pulling that bloke before closing." Nathan doesn't look pleased. On the other side of the club, all the boys are still staring at the hot guy, and Phil is telling Vince that he should try to chat him up. Vince is dismissive of this suggestion, and Phil tells him that Stuart "doesn't have the copyright on shagging." Well, I don't know about that, but he sure does defend the copyright vigorously enough. Vince then notices that Nathan and Donna are sitting at his mother's table, and points this out to Stuart. "Nothing to do with me," he says, and Vince is clearly annoyed. "You shag him and he ends up stalking me." Stuart tells Vince to leave Nathan alone, and says he's "all right." Vince looks incredulous. "'All right'? He's 'all right'?!" While the two of them have been discussing Nathan, the object of their lust has moved from his spot at the bar and disappeared out of sight. Stuart tells Vince that the bungled surveillance is his fault, surprising no one. Vince then goes to the bar to get another round of drinks, and who should be standing beside him but the girl his workmate Marcie is trying to set him up with, Rosalie Cotter. She recognizes Vince and says that she's there with a friend who dragged her out to see Canal Street, and asks him what he's doing there. Vince, clearly flustered, says it's his first time there, and that he's shocked by all that's going on around him. Rosalie warns him that all the "pretty boys" will try to turn him gay, and Vince replies that yes, he's really sick of that. Rosalie asks Vince to have a drink with her, but he says he's got to leave. She kisses him on the cheek and he immediately dashes back to his friends, and tells Stuart who she is. "It's that bloody Rosalie. This place is getting so straight!" he says in an agitated voice. Stuart smiles at him, then walks over to Rosalie and introduces himself as Vince's friend. He then whispers in her ear that Vince "really likes [her]," which she looks elated to hear. Vince observes this, and looks like he'd love to kill Stuart. Be our guest, love. Despite myself, I do feel sorry for Vince. Not to worry, though, as I'm sure he'll say or do something totally lame any minute now.

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