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Meeting People Is Easy

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Meeting People Is Easy

When Vince arrives to pick them up, Stuart doesn't seem to care much about the damage that's been done to his Jeep -- because, as he tells us, it's a company car. He surveys the vandalism and then asks Vince, while gesturing to Nathan in the backseat, "What's his name, again?" Alas, he's not kidding.

Stuart takes the wheel, and they drive the little lad to school. Instead of dropping him off on the road, Stuart decides that he wants to drive him right up to the front door. Vince implores him not to, saying, "But they'll see the car!" Stuart smiles and turns into the drive (bitch), careening down the narrow path as bodies fly in every direction, Suede's Beautiful Ones ("High on diesel and gasoline / psycho for drum machine / Shaking their bits to the hits...Cracked up, stacked up, twenty-two, psycho for sex and glue / Lost it to Bostik, yeah...") blaring from the stereo. As the Jeep blazes a trail to the front of the school, we see for the first time that the word "QUEERS" is spray-painted in red over the black lacquered finish of the driver's side doors. Needless to say, Nathan's fellow students do not greet his stylish entrance with cheers and rapturous applause.

Nathan gets out of the back seat, and asks Stuart when he can see him again. An girl who looks very peeved asks Nathan where he's been, to which he replies rather testily, "Piss off!" Stuart teases him for being so rude to his "little friend," and Nathan asks again when he can see him, telling Stuart that he could arrange to see him tonight. One boy, standing with a couple of friends, makes kissing noises and shouts to Stuart, Nathan and Vince, "C'mon, boys, give us a kiss!" Stuart glares at him and replies firmly, "I'll give you a FUCK, you tight little virgin. You won't be laughing then." Cue respect and delighted laughter from moi; this is exactly the sort of scene which just won't let you hate Stuart, no matter how overly confident, smarmy, rude, mean and selfish he can be. When he releases that cocky venom on someone who really deserves it, you don't really want him to be cursed with impotence as much as you did just a few short moments ago; suddenly, stabbing pains to his scrotal area every so often would be sufficient punishment for his ways. I can see, a little, why Nathan is so enamoured of him; you can't help being in awe of someone who can put anyone (but especially homophobic future frat rats) in their place with one deftly executed threat -- especially when it sounds like a threat he'd love to fulfill. Alas, the boys shut up -- wouldn't you? -- and Vince and Stuart drive away, leaving Nathan standing in their dust.

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