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That's What Friends Are For

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That's What Friends Are For

Nathan and Stuart are now playing ping-pong, Stuart having already explained the situation with the letters to Nathan. Again, Nathan takes the bait. "What if someone else sent the letters?" he asks. "Like who?" Stuart responds innocently. Shock of shocks, the next cut is to them in bed, snogging. "I could do it. The letters, I could send them," Nathan volunteers. Stuart pretends he doesn't want that, saying it'll still come back to him; Romey will know he asked Nathan to do it. "I'll say you didn't. I'll take the blame!" Nathan insists. "She's going to ask why," Stuart says. "I dunno," Nathan replies, thinking. "Cos I didn't want you to lose Alfred. Cos even if you wanted me to do it, you'd never ask...." he says, trailing off. He stops, staring hard at Stuart. "Yeah, that's right," Nathan says, finally twigging. "You wouldn't ask. You'd get me to do it, but not by asking." He moves away from Stuart, who reaches for the fly of Nathan's jeans. Nathan moves his hand and gets up. "Look at you. All you had to do was ask," Nathan says, smiling. Stuart follows Nathan into the lounge, where Nathan tries to get him to admit to loving Alfred, and admit to loving Vince. Stuart is greatly annoyed by this and tells Nathan to forget about the letters. "I'll sort it out. I don't need you," Stuart says. "I'll do it," Nathan tells him. "Not for a shag. I'll do it cos I'm stupid and I sort of love ya." Aww. He's actually not being irritating, now, except for the fact that he's helping Stuart, who's still telling him to put the letters down. "Too late!" Nathan responds cheekily, heading for the door and adding, "Cos I'm in love!" Turning more serious, he tells Stuart that if Vince were there, he would stop Stuart from executing this plan. "No Vince," Nathan says. "You've just got me." While Nathan waits to get into the elevator, Stuart asks him not to tell Vince about the plan. Nathan agrees, and playfully reminds Stuart that he could say thanks. Stuart shrugs, and Nathan laughs. "Can't say it! Stuart Jones, you're such a twat," he says affectionately. He gets in the lift, and after a few seconds, Stuart pulls the gate open, stopping the elevator before it reaches the first floor. Nathan shouts for help, and Stuart tries hard not to burst out laughing and heads back into the flat. Refreshing that he's not going all moral on us yet, isn't it?

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Queer as Folk U.K.




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