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That's What Friends Are For

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That's What Friends Are For

As soon as the show is over, Vince spots Rosalie and panic sets in. She nervously wishes him a happy birthday, and as Vince takes her present, he tries to explain away the spectacle of the party, saying, "They're all drunk. I don't know half of them." [Insert completely inappropriate, embarrassed-bride-at-a-Kennedy-wedding joke here.] Rosalie, though, seems totally oblivious to the fact that she's supposed to be dumbfounded and instead apologises for being late. "Your mate, Stuart, he said don't come till late," she explains helpfully. Vince is trying to hurry her out of the flat, saying he's hungry and they should go for a curry, when Stuart appears, wearing a devilish grin and going for the jugular: "Here she is! Rosalie, have you met Cameron? Let's go say hello." He escorts her over to Cameron and demonstrates how much he disapproves of subtlety: "Cameron! This is Cameron, he's Vince's boyfriend. They've been going out for ages! Cameron says Vince shags like a rabbit! He's bought him a car! He's the perfect boyfriend -- they're practically married!" Cameron says a weak hello, and Rosalie looks crushed. Stuart tells Rosalie to put her coat in the bedroom and directs Vince to get her a drink.

Vince follows Rosalie into the bedroom, where she -- obviously quite embarrassed -- starts babbling about the baby and how big the flat is and how the taxi couldn't find the building. "He is my boyfriend," Vince says, interrupting her. "He's...He's nice. He's..." But Rosalie picks up her coat off the bed before Vince can finish and says she's going to go home as she's had a headache all day. "Happy birthday, then!" she manages to choke out before fleeing the room and the flat. Vince goes after her, and when Cameron tries to stop him to find out what's going on, he tells Cameron to fuck off. "Fuck off." Okay, well, I feel sorry for Cameron at this point, because that's just wrong and way too harsh and disrespectful. No one -- not even Cameron -- deserves to be talked to like that by their boyfriend. (Sign #98237498237 that I'm tired: I'm angry on Cameron's behalf. No-Doz, don't fail me now!)

As Rosalie enters the lobby, the whole sick plot that Stuart set up has finally dawned on her, and she's crying tears of utter humiliation. When Vince reaches her, she lashes out. "You said 'girlfriend.' All those times you said 'girlfriend.' D'you sit with your mates and laugh at me? Cos I'm such a big joke - 'that girl at work, she fancies me! She's so funny cos she's so stupid!'" Vince apologises and says he should have told her the truth. "You're just a liar, Vince. You're a liar and..," she pauses for a beat to think of something she can say that will hurt him, "and you're a poof. You're a dirty little poof."

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Queer as Folk U.K.




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