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The Final Chapter

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End of the Road

As we open on the final episode of Queer as Folk, Stuart is strutting down Canal Street like he owns the place -- which he kind of does, even if we only consider the couple thousand square feet contained in his flat. When Vince joins him, they tease each other about how responsible and grown up they're getting, what with Vince going for a promotion and Stuart finally coming out to his parents. Vince comments that Stuart's getting older, and asks him if they'll be having that shag, then. Rubbing his hands with glee, Stuart says he reckons there are still some strangers out there "in need of a good shafting." Yeah, and they're probably the same ones who are in need of a good washing, but don't let that stop you.

Just up the road a piece, Dazz and Nathan are sitting at a table at an outdoor café, smoking and talking about the flat they're going to get. A few seconds after Stuart and Vince amble by, Dazz spots a supposedly hot guy (who, similarly to Dazz, is only cute in an ugly way, like one of Madonna's dancers from the Blonde Ambition tour) called Nick Tandy walking down the street. Dazz hushes Nathan as Nick walks towards where they are sitting. "Wait for it...any minute now..." he says with anticipation. "Best arse on planet earth!" he proclaims as the guy walks past them. Nathan looks at Nick and tells Dazz that he's the guy who was looking at him in Via Fossa the other night. "You'll be lucky," Dazz tells him dismissively. Nathan grins, stubbing out his cigarette. "Yeah. Yeah, I might be," he says, putting on his (ahem) denim jacket. Dazz stands up and asks Nathan where they're going. "I don't know about you, but I'm going after Nick Tandy," Nathan replies. "What d'you mean?" Dazz demands, clearly still short-bussing it to Canal Street after all these episodes. Nathan tells him that it's not like they're exclusive or anything. "It's not like we're anything," he remarks, smiling. "Since when?" Dazz wants to know. Uh, since now, I'd guess. "I'm sixteen next week," Nathan informs him as he starts walking after Nick Tandy. "I'm getting old! I can't waste time hanging around. Look at that arse! It's new!" Dazz tells him to fuck off. "That's exactly what I'm doing!" Nathan shouts, bounding down the street with a three-mile smile, rejecting Nick Tandy with a shake of his head and joining Stuart and Vince as they survey their domain. It's a scene of utter perfection, from the lighting to the music and -- especially -- the performance of Charlie Hunnam.

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