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The Final Chapter

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End of the Road

Over on Canal Street, Stuart is standing in his flat with his back to his father, holding Alfred protectively. Clive suggests that it's probably best that Stuart not come to the upcoming lunch at Marie's new house. He says that Margaret is at Romey's every other day, so she'll have plenty of chances to see Alfred. "It's just me, then," Stuart states. Clive says they'll get together, all of them, next month, but Stuart should just give it time. He tells Stuart that his mother is trying to make sense of it, but she can't, and she's blaming herself. "I told her, it just happens. Some boys grow up to be...bastards." I want so much to laugh at that line, because -- no doubt about it -- Stuart is a bastard, but right now I just feel sorry for him. Clive shows himself out of the flat, Stuart remaining fixed to the spot.

The very next shot is of Stuart's Jeep racing down the street, and we hear Alexander saying, "Who cares if he's dying? I don't give a toss! Not me, no way!" With an angry calm, Stuart tells him he's going to see his father. "We're all going to see him." The three of them walk down the hospital corridor and eventually meet up with Alexander's mother, who looks not unlike a weasel wearing an Anna Wintour wig. Alexander apologizes for being late, saying there was a queue on the ring road and asks how his father is. Hmm, is this too sombre a scene for me to make some horrible pun about the term "ring road," or no? Mrs. Perry says he's sleeping, but tells him there are some things they need to sort out "in private." Either not understanding or not caring what she's said, Stuart and Vince follow after Alexander and his mother as they head for the hospital tea bar. Surrounded by shelves of prawn mayonnaise sandwiches and Tango machines, Alexander's mother says that she and his father discussed this issue last year, and that if anything happens to him, she would obviously inherit everything. However, she needs Alexander to sign some papers, saying he won't make a claim on any of his father's money or assets. "Jeezis!" Vince exclaims quietly. "I don't want his money," Alexander says. "No problem signing it, then," Mrs. Perry responds, handing him a pen. As Stuart silently watches the scene unfold, Vince advises Alexander not to sign it and to get a lawyer. "That'll never hold up in court," he says. "I don't care," Alexander replies, signing the forms. "Thanks, Mum," he says, handing the pen back to his mother, who just glares at him. Back in the corridor, Alexander changes his mind about seeing his father. He tells his mother that he's got things to do, and since she's got his signature, he'll be going. The three of them start walking down the hall, when Stuart suddenly turns and stares at Mrs. Perry. "What?" she asks. Stuart walks toward her, forms his hand into the shape of a gun, and presses his first and second fingers -- the barrel of the gun -- to Mrs. Perry's forehead. She stays still and responds with sustained heavy breathing...a reaction we can safely say Stuart has never elicited from a woman prior to this moment. "Maybe next time," he says ominously, a grin on his face, then turns and walks away. Vince pulls on his arm, telling him there's no point in making it worse. "Coward," Stuart says accusatorily.

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Queer as Folk U.K.




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