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Unfinished Business

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Unfinished Business

Just as the first episode of Queer as Folk ended to the strains of Air's Sexy Boy, so the second one begins, providing very unsubtle (but suitable) background music to vignettes of Nathan at school, Vince in the grocery store where he's a manager, and Stuart in the lobby of a work conference -- all of them ogling whichever men take their fancy. Nathan very casually -- but tentatively -- scopes out a cute little dark-skinned boy who's wearing basket-enhancing (TM bstewart) school uniform trousers; Vince nonchalantly follows a tall, lanky gentleman from aisle to aisle, disappointed when the guy meets up with his (male) partner, and Stuart spots The Day's Prey #1 as soon as the man in question enters the foyer of the office building, a self-assured smile of anticipation spreading across Stuart's face. In case you hadn't realized, Nathan's quite new in his sexuality, Vince is the perennial loser, and Stuart is the slut. Any questions?

Demonstrating just how smooth a slut he is, Stuart attaches his red AIDS ribbon pin to his lapel, as this apparently sends out the "Yes, I'm gay" message. (Quick, somebody tell Kevin Spacey not to let his stylist near him with one of those at next year's Oscars™ ceremony.) As he does this, his co-worker Sandra gives us a little "He's such a hobag!" look, just in case we didn't get it. Not to plagiarize, oh, every other MBTV writer, but -- after seeing him engage in both phone booth lust and rimjobs with a minor in the same night -- we get it. Once Stuart is seated across from TDP #1 in the conference room, the camera zooms in on his AIDS ribbon lapel pin, and then to TDP #1 trying desperately to conceal his wedding band. And, lest the director doubts the viewer's intelligence, we do still get it.

Vince, meanwhile, is still hard at work at the supermarket. Daddy needs him some more Doctor Who memorabilia, I guess. But his concentration is soon broken by his co-worker (and subordinate) Marcie, who directs his attention to two men who are doing their shopping, one -- who just happens to be the guy Vince was following through the store earlier -- having his back rubbed tenderly by his partner. Marcie motions towards them and pulls funny faces, then oh-so-originally gestures a limp wrist in their direction. From this we are meant to discern that Vince is not out of the closet with his workmates, but just in case we're totally retarded, he joins Marcie in laughing at the men, who suddenly turn around and catch him mid-mirth. They look hurt, offended and disappointed, so chances are they've seen Vince a time or two hundred down on Canal Street. Vince, I take it, feels pretty salty at this point.

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