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Kip's. Kip and Justin are getting it on. As Kip licks his nipple ring, Justin sighs, "You're hotter than the guy I had last week. He wanted to put me in short pants and spank me." I always thought Justin could do with a good spanking. Kip says that he wants to do a lot more than that, and pulls Justin off the couch to give him a blow job. As Kip's going to it, Justin tells him that he'd better hurry: "I've got a stupid curfew, can you believe it? My parents want me home by midnight." Kip laughs, "You live with your parents?" Justin shrugs, "Where else would I live? I'm seventeen." Bomp Bomp Bahhhhm! Kip doesn't believe him -- how does he get into clubs? Um, duh. Fake ID? Justin continues, "I don't tell my dad, though. Like, he goes totally psycho. Like he did when he found out I was gay." Kip doesn't really want to get up off of his knees, but he's thinking about it: "Your dad went psycho?" Justin says that his dad beat up the guy Justin was sleeping with and turned him in to the police. Kip: "The police?" Justin: "He'll be out in ten years." Heh. Still undeterred, Kip goes back to the blow job. Justin laughs, "If he knew I was here!" Kip asks how his dad would know, and Justin shakes his head: "Oh, there's no way. Unless I told him." Kip: "But, you wouldn't do that, would you?" "I would never do that," Justin tells Kip, "provided you do something for me."

The deposition. TLFKAM and Brian sit next to each other at a huge table in the Ryder conference room. No one else has shown up yet. TLFKAM tells Brian to let her do the talking. Brian, picking at the wood grain on the table, says that she always does. TLFKAM tells him that when the HR investigator asks him something, he needs to confer with her before answering. Brian, all slouched over and unhappy, snaps that he's got it. And then, rolling his eyes, he says, "Listen, however this plays out, thanks. You didn't have to help me; you could have just said 'Fuck you.'" TLFKAM smiles sweetly and replies, "I know." Cool. A genuinely nice moment between these two. But she's still not getting her name back. Grand Poobah Ryder walks in and says that he was looking for Brian. As TLFKAM stands, Brian introduces her to Ryder. TLFKAM's looking kick-ass in a black turtleneck and grey tweed skirt, by the way. Ryder says that Liberty Air is taking on a new route to La Guardia, competing with other major airlines in the Northeast. Brian's like, and this what to do with me? Ryder says that they want to go national with Brian's campaign. TLFKAM, confused, asks, um, what about the hearing? Ryder snorts, "Forget about the hearing -- that matter's been dropped." Shocked, TLFKAM repeats, "Dropped?" Brian asks why, and Ryder shrugs, "Damned if I know, and who the hell cares? Be in my office in five minutes." TLFKAM plops back down in her seat, and snarls, "Un-fucking-believable! Jesus, what are you, Mr. Teflon? Shit just never sticks to you!" Brian can't believe it himself, and shrugs.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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