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Fallout at Twelve O'Clock!

Back at the bar, TLFKAM's giving Ted more options: "What about a nice stiff dick?" Oh, Jeez, she's not going to pull one out, is she? Ted laughs, "Now you're starting to sound like him. I remember how he always used to say, 'It's just not sex --" And Emmett's voice picks up, "Without something up your butt." And there's Emmett, leaning on the bar on the other side of TLFKAM, sipping a Cosmopolitan. Heather's with him, cowboy-hatted and shaking her booty to beat the band. Yay! Ted sulks, "Oh, now you've come to Babylon to proselytize." Emmett, wearing a skin-tight t-shirt with Asian designs all over it -- so, you know, not -- says that's not why they're there. Heather -- who makes a way better-looking lesbian than she ever did a straight girl -- adds that they've seen the light! TLFKAM and Ted: "We know." Hee hee. Emmett says that it's a different light. TLFKAM asks, "What about your success story?" Emmett smirks, "Oh, we have a success story, all right." Heather says that they shared it with the group. Emmett adds, "We told them some of us are meant to eat pussy. And some of us are meant to suck cock. But either way, God loves us all." Heather: "They agreed that God loves us." Emmett: "Uh huh. And then they told us to get the fuck out." He and Heather bust up laughing. Ted, skeptically: "So, you're really back?" Emmett snaps his fingers over his head and replies, "Honey, my flame has been rekindled and is burning brighter than ever." Woohoo! He kisses TLFKAM on the top of her head. Ted, about to cry, again, gives Emmett a big hug. Awww. Emmett spills his drink all over him. Just like old times. Heather grabs TLFKAM's hand and leads her to the dance floor. Interesting. I'd actually to see what becomes of that. Emmett takes a sip of his Cosmopolitan, and then he and Ted also take the floor. In the middle of the swirling bouncing bodies, Emmett sighs, "Do you feel that gay thump-thump? God, how I missed that!" And everyone dances the night away.

No new episode March 25, because of the Oscars. But, in two weeks, drama! Lindsay leaves Gus with Brian for a weekend because she's going to a teachers' conference. Brian's dad drops by the loft and tells his son that he has cancer. Debbie tries to convince Brian to tell his dad that he's gay. Melanie tries to take the baby back to the Happy Fun House (I guess she still has the key), but Brian protests, "I was only out for a couple of hours!" Apparently that couple of hours is enough for Lindsay to crawl up all over his ass: "Don't tell me that you're going to be there for him when you're not!" Perhaps someone will remind her of the big fat checks Brian writes her. If not, I will.

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