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Debbie's. Debbie's folding laundry as "The Hustle" starts to play on the radio. She unfolds a shirt (the one with the drawing of a rooster with the word "cock" printed underneath), and whispers in time to the music, "Do it." Vic busts up. They both start bumping along to the music. Justin stares at them in disbelief from the couch, where he's doing his homework. Debbie and Vic are having, like, the best time. I thought it would be cool if they did the actual Hustle, but they're having fun, so who cares? Justin -- trying not to grin at them dancing around the kitchen -- sighs, "Do you mind?" Vic tsks tsks, "What's the matter, princess?" Big shout-out to me! Mike walks in, and his mother greets him enthusiastically, while still two-stepping around the kitchen. Mike's like, ohhhkay. His mother and uncle start bumping him, and now Mike's scared. "What are they doing?" he asks Justin. Justin shrugs, "Reliving their youth?" Mike gives it up, and starts dancing with them. Justin shakes his head: "You people are sooo weird!" Mike tells him if he doesn't like it, he should just go up to his room: "Oh, I'm sorry, my room!" Debbie tells her son to let it go, and Vic adds, chucking him under the chin, "Yeah, Mikey. You're a doctor's wife, now." Ugh, don't remind me. Debbie laughs, "And to think I used to worry that you'd spend the rest of your life following after -- what's his name?" Mike tells her to leave Brian out of this; he's got enough problems as it is. Justin's little Vulcan ears perk up, and he asks what's up. Mike explains. Debbie shakes her head, "I knew someday he'd stick his dick where it didn't belong." Justin says they have to do something, and Debbie sighs that there really isn't anything they can do. Obviously, she's forgotten who's she's talking to. Vic quips, "Brian's fucked the last person he should have -- himself." Debbie tells Mike that she's sorry. Justin adds, "You're his best friend. You should do something. I would do something, if I could." Mike, frustrated, tells him to mind his own business, and then picks up the phone. He calls David and tells him that his mom is sick, and that he wants to stick around the house and look after her.

Brian's office. Brian's packing up some stuff when there's a knock at the door. He looks up and snarls, "Fuck you." It's Kip. Kip rambles, "Look, I just want you to know that I'm really sorry about all this...I had no choice. If I didn't do what you wanted, you would have fired me." What the hell is he talking about? Is he wearing a wire or something? Brian snaps back, "No, you just tried to get ahead by giving head. Which, by the way, you're not very good at." Weaselly little creep. Kip snorts, "We obviously remember things quite differently." And Brian yells back, "Yeah! I remember what happened!" Kip tells Brian that he's willing to drop the whole thing if Brian apologizes and reconsiders him for that position. Well, let's see: someone else got that job, and I don't think it was even Brian's final call to make, so it looks like you're SOL, pal, especially now that Tracy's gone. Brian basically tells Kip to go fuck himself. Kip asks him not to stand so close, and Brian replies, "Why, do you think something might happen?" Grabbing Kip and shoving him roughly against the desk, he screams, "Like I might use my position of power to take advantage of your tight little asshole?!" Kip cries out in shock. Brian plops down on his desk, but when Kip just tries to get up, Brian pulls him back and snarls into his ear, "Get. Out. Of my office." Kip -- the fear of God properly set within him -- ambles out.

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