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Brian's. Brian opens the door, and there's Mikey, with all the junk food he can carry: Pizza, KFC, brown paper bags filled with god only knows what. Brian's awed: "Do you know what we'd turn into if we ate all that?" Mike answers, "A couple of fat, flabby fags that no one would want to fuck, ever?" Brian thinks, and replies, "Huh. Let's dig in." Exactly.

Later, they're sitting on the floor, finishing up the feast, when Brian asks, "Do you know what I remember most about high school?" Mike laughs, "The time in Biology class when you beat off into a test tube for your science project?" I wonder what his theory was? Brian replies that he remembers all the food -- that there was always food at Mike's house. Mike nods, taking a swig out of a big bottle of Jack Daniels: "That's an Italian thing. And there was always plenty of booze at your house." All together now, with Brian: "That's an Irish thing." Mike picks up Brian's clipboard and reads: "Reality Checklist." "Clothes" is at the top of the list. Mike says that Brian can certainly save money on that. Next is "Cosmetics." Brian muses, "Yeah, the French anti-aging shit costs a hundred dollars a tube, and it doesn't work. I still don't look nineteen." Give it up. You never will. Mike continues down to "going out." Brian says that he can go out five days a week as opposed to six. Mike commends him on his sacrifice. Mike's shocked at the next item, which is "Loft." Brian rolls over onto his tummy and throws a pizza crust back into the box, grumping, "What do I need all this space for anyway?" Mike says that the loft is still Brian's home, and that he can really be very sweet sometimes. He crawls over to Brian and gives him a hug. Brian tells him that if it does come to that, he'll "just get a rich sugar daddy like the Doc." Mike says that David's not his sugar daddy -- although not for lack of David's trying, I might add -- and that, the way things are going, David may not even be his boyfriend for long. Baby, from your lips to God's ears. At any rate, David doesn't know Mike's at Brian's. Brian drawls, "What, does he think I'm going to steal you away from him?" Well. Yeah. Mike changes the subject by offering Brian the last chicken leg, "because [Brian's] the chicken hawk." God, that sounds good. I gotta start doing these recaps when restaurants are still open. Brian sulks down into the rug and tells Michael that he didn't do it, and that Michael should know that. Michael tells Brian that he doesn't have to explain, and then, holding Brian close, says that what he remembers most about high school is the band that he and Brian started: "You were going to be the next Robert Smith." Of The Cure? I can almost see that. Although Brian doesn't really strike me as the long black trench-coat, spiky hair type. Almost, but not quite. Brian says that dream died a quick death, but Mike protests that they were pretty good. Laughing, he asks Brian, "Do you still have that guitar?"

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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