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Fallout at Twelve O'Clock!

Debbie's. David walks up to the door with a big Tupperware bowl of soup. Might want to tighten that leash up a bit; I think Mike can still breathe. Debbie and Vic are talking. Debbie greets David cheerfully, and asks him where Mike is. David tells her that Michael's there...isn't he? David explains that Mike told him that Debbie was sick, and that he was spending the night in order to take care of her. Debbie doesn't quite know what to say, except, uh, heh heh, thanks for the soup! David realizes that he's been had.

Woody's. Mike and Brian have found not one guitar, but two, and having a blast on stage. I haven't seen Brian this happy, like, ever. He and Mike are drinking straight out of a bottle of Absolut, falling all over the stage, and wailing a song the lyrics of which go, "Just because you love/ Doesn't mean I can't have my way/ Just because I'm leaving/ Don't mean I don't want to stay." I think that about sums it up. Shut up, David. They're both pretty good on the guitars, if that's actually them playing. The crowd at Woody's loves it. David walks in, glares at them in disgust and consternation, and stomps out. They don't see him. I wish I hadn't.

The next morning, Brian's recovering on his couch while TLFKAM tries to go over potential questions he might be asked at the hearing. Brian moans. Do they have to do this, now? TLFKAM's like, yes, now! Brian sighs, fine: "But. Gently." On cue, Justin turns on the blender. TLFKAM tells Justin to knock it off. Justin meekly apologizes, and brings over some horrific-looking green goo for Brian to drink. Handing it over, Justin tells him, "It's a secret recipe that my alcoholic grandmother used to make." Brian takes a whiff and groans, "Jesus, it smells like a dirty jockstrap." TLFKAM guffaws, "Well, in that case, you should like it." Justin laughs. Brian takes a sip and gacks, "The secret is, she pissed in it." Ha! Justin shakes his head and says he's just trying to help: "You know I'd do anything." TLFKAM's running of patience, and swears, "Let's just pray the arbitrator's gay and thinks [Brian's] cute." Don't think that won't work, either.

All of a sudden the loft door opens. It's Lindsay, with Gus, the Wonder Baby. Doesn't anybody ever call before they come over? My God, that baby's cute. And he's wearing a long pointy elf cap and sweater in this rainbow knit, and he's all wide-eyed and giggly, and I think I'm in love. What do you think the odds are that he's straight? TLFKAM and Lindsay stare at each other in shock. Then there's the whole, "I'msorryIdidn'tknowyouwere I'llcomebacklater don'tleave IwasjusthelpingBrianwithhis Iknowhetoldme" conversation. It's just a little awkward. Lindsay brings the baby over to TLFKAM, and coos, "Look who's here, honey." TLFKAM hugs and kisses Gus, and Lindsay mutters, "He misses you." And he's not the only one, apparently. TLFKAM wistfully hands Gus back, and then he starts giggling. And smiling. And, granted, it's probably at some stuffed animal behind Michelle Clunie's head, but God, this kid is killing me! Recap. Right. So, St. L. tells TLFKAM that she doesn't have to leave, but TLFKAM says that she has to get to work anyway, and amscrays. Brian hands the blender cup back to Justin and tells him to get it the hell away from him. Justin explains that Brian's "totally hung." Is that what kids today are calling a hangover? No room for misinterpretation or anything. Brian snorts, "And this time, he doesn't mean my cock." Which is what I'm saying. Maybe they were just trying to get another penis reference in. It's only been thirty freakin' seconds since the last one. Gus starts to fuss, and Brian grins, "Don't worry, sonny boy. Your old man will recover." Lindsay snaps that it's not him; Gus misses TLFKAM. Brian, ever-observant, sneers, "Well, you had your chance; why didn't you beg her to come back?" Lindsay hotly reminds him that TLFKAM's the one who cheated. Brian replies that maybe TLFKAM had a reason. Whatever. Lindsay cheerfully snaps, "Now you're taking her side. Huh. That's amusing. After all the years you spent hating her, humiliating her, trying to force her out of our lives, every chance you got -- well, congratulations. You finally got what you wanted." Yeah, he got his way. You know, that thing you've been giving him since the two of you met? Brian rolls his eyes: "Yeah that's right, blame me. Why not? Everybody else does." Then Brian looks straight at her and adds, "Maybe you got what you wanted." Lindsay shifts uncomfortably and changes the subject: Because TLFKAM left, Lindsay has to go back to work earlier than she thought, and has to hire a sitter. Justin volunteers, but Lindsay needs someone full-time. Brian automatically asks Justin to get his checkbook. Lindsay asks whether he sure that it's okay, what with him potentially losing his job and all -- gee, that's real thoughtful of her, isn't it? Brian says that it isn't a problem: "I said that I'd look after you and Gus, and I am." Humph. Can't ever say he hasn't been there for the baby. Huh. He writes the check, hands it to her, and gives her a big hug and kiss. Then Brian busts me up by chucking Fussy Gussy under the chin, and cooing, "I know I smell bad. It's vodka." Justin frowns thoughtfully at Brian's checkbook.

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