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Holy Moly!

Justin and Brian fuck. They talk in between gasps for air. Justin can't believe Brian's fucking him again. Brian says that Justin's the one who wanted Brian to take Ted's Viagra. Just as they finish, there's a pounding at the door. They collapse on each other as the knocking continues. Brian says they'll go away. The pounding continues.

Covered in sweat and hard from Viagra, Brian decides to answer the door. It's his mother. Brian mostly hides behind the door as his mom asks if she's disturbing him. Wouldn't they have heard the elevator come up? Wouldn't she have heard the fucking? Mrs. Kinney has made Brian's favorite cake -- chocolate, chocolate chip. Brian lets her in, for some reason. ["Cake is a powerful motivator." -- Wing Chun] Mrs. Kinney puts the cake on the counter and says it's her way of thanking Brian for taking her to church the other day; she adds that she hopes it won't be Christmas again the next time she sees him. She walks closer and closer to him, getting very close to his incredibly sweaty body. She says she's lonely now that Brian's father is gone. She's all alone every day and the phone never rings. She gets closer and closer to the Justin sweat still glistening all around Brian's naked body. She touches Brian on the back, her palm resting on a pool of sex sweat that's collected on Brian's shoulder. She wishes they could be close like they once were. "Brian?" Justin calls from the other room. "Are you coming back?" Brian does nothing as his mother realizes that Brian's got a boy in his bedroom. Justin walks down, half-naked and covered in sweat as well. I do more prep work when the FedEx guy comes when I'm in my pajamas. Don't these boys have any sense of privacy at all? Not only that, Justin's nursing his ass as he walks down the steps, just in case there was any doubt in Brian's mom's mind. There is a silence until Brian introduces his mother and his boyfriend. Justin wipes his eyes and laughs. Brian's mother runs to the door. She pushes the call button for the elevator. Why isn't the elevator there anymore? Brian walks closer to her. She's very upset. He asks if she's not talking to him anymore. She says it's a good thing Brian's father didn't know. "He did," Brian says. Brian told him before his father died. She asks if his sister knows as well. Brian's silent in response. Brian's mom can't believe she's the last to find out. She tells him that it's a sin. "That I fuck guys or that I didn't tell you?" Brian asks. That's some good family communicating, right there. Brian's mom stops for a second and then tells Brian that he's going to hell. She gets on the elevator and leaves. Brian stares at his fingers.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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