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Mike and Emmett wander around a mansion, until they come across a kitchen bustling with activity. Mike mutters that it's a pretty posh place; Emmett points out that it would have to be, for what they're getting paid. Mike's not sure he can be a waiter, and Emmett gasps, "Honey, this is your family business. It's in your blood. Now, you go in there and make your mother proud." Hee. A man dressed in all black asks if they're the waiters; when Emmett confirms it, the man lisps despondently, "Why aren't you dressed?" He snaps at some of the other people in the kitchen to give Mike and Emmett their "outfits," which they must don as quickly as possible. Mike and Emmett take the bags they're given and pull out a cummerbund each. And that's it. Mike asks where the rest of the tuxedo is, but The Lisp has had enough of them, and stalks off.

The mansion's dining room. Mike and Emmett walk in, wearing only cummerbunds and black bowties. Each holds a wine bottle in front of his dick. Emmett asks the first overweight, leering diner if he would like red or white wine. Leering Diner #1 says he wants white wine. Emmett shifts bottles and pours while Leering Diner#1 smacks him on the butt and hangs on. Then Leering Diner #1 leers some more and says he wants red wine, too. Mike steps up and offers the table shrimp balls. Leering Diner #2 leers at Mike's crotch and chortles, "I wouldn't say that." After Mike gets pinched, too, he grimaces, "Keep your hands off the tenderloin." All the leering diners giggle.

La Maison du Kinney. Brian lounges in bed, naked. Justin comes over and lies down as far from Brian as possible. Brian tells him to get closer. Justin nervously complies. Brian tells him to take off his clothes. Justin nervously gets undressed. Brian kisses Justin softly, then tells him to roll over. He grabs a condom and puts it on, but before he can do anything else, Justin freaks out and begs him to stop. Then he begins to cry. Brian tells him that it's okay, but Justin knows it's not.

Woody's. At the bar, a white-haired HDGB tells Brian, "You know, for someone who has enough disorders to merit your own classification in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, you are one of the most well-adjusted and high-functioning bastards I know." Brian, not sure how to take that: "Thanks." Ha! But, seriously? "High-functioning"? Yes. "Well-adjusted"? Please. These two act like they've known each other for more than five minutes, though. I'd love to get the backstory on that. The HDGB asks what Brian's secret is. Brian chalks it up to a "series of hopeless addictions, for one. And, uh, never seeing a shrink, for another." The HDGB says he's a shrink, actually, and then asks about Justin. Justin's not doing so great. Dr. HDGB says that Justin's reaction is normal, given the situation: "Naturally, he's going to be afraid to let anyone touch him. Even you." Brian asks if Justin will get over it. The Doc's not sure: "It's like a fairy tale. Rapunzel trapped in a tower. Hansel and Gretel caged by the witch. Only in this case, it's Justin's memory that's been locked up. And it's up to you to release it, Handsome Prince." Brian doesn't know how to do that. Dr. HDGB suggests that Brian trigger Justin's memory, so that Justin can "feel the pain." It's the only way to process it and get past it. Or else "he's always going to feel isolated and unhappy and alone. Not just the walking wounded. The walking dead." Brian downs his drink and sighs, "You're very eloquent when you're drunk." Dr. HDGB laughs, but, sadly, their "time is up." Brian asks how much he owes the good doctor. Dr. HDGB grins, "I'll take it out in trade. Next time I see you in the baths." Brian laughs. Good scene. More Dr. HDGB, please.

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