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Woody's. Brian, Ted, and Emmett toss back a few beers and check out the local talent. Ted tells Brian that he can't believe Justin's mom came to the office to give him Justin's stuff. Brian replies, "Yeah, she practically gift-wrapped it." Emmett shrugs, "Gifts can be returned." Brian wishes; he says he just wants Justin out of his life and out of his house. Ted and Emmett exchange knowing looks. Brian spots his next conquest over by the pool table, wearing a "Hotlanta" t-shirt. He asks T&E whether either them has ever been to Atlanta. Emmett chirps, "No, but I had a boyfriend from Georgia, once. I called him peach-fuzz. Bet you can't guess why." Ted rushes out in a monotone, " Because his butt-cheeks were covered with this soft fuzzy down that made them look like two fuzzy peaches." Emmett, frowning, mumbles, "Yeah." I really don't mind that T&E are used mostly for comic riposte these days; they're just so damn good at it. Brian excuses himself, "to go show [their] guest some northern hospitality." He saunters up to "Southern Comfort" and whispers The Magic Words into his ear.

Later, Brian and Southern Comfort are making out full-force in the crate elevator up to Brian's pad. He hits Brian's ribs the wrong way, and asks Brian what happened. Goodness, is that what passes for a southern accent in Toronto these days? I've got a better Southern accent than that, and I'm from Southern California. Southern Comfort tells Brian to hurry up and open the door, and Brian tells him to be patient: "The South will rise again. And again!" Ha! Pulling open the door, they come face to face with Justin's cooking attempts, i.e. a completely destroyed kitchen. Justin says he'll clean it up, and then notices Southern Comfort. When Justin asks who he is, Brian snarks, "He's an out-of-town guest." Justin rolls his eyes. He's learning, folks. S.C. doesn't take Justin's presence very seriously, probably because Justin's a kid. He asks Justin what he's making that smells so good. Justin's making Jambalaya, which his mom taught him to make. S.C. offers to help: "I used to live in New Orleans. My boyfriend and I used to cook jambalaya all the time. We'd just cook. And fuck." Brian DOESN'T CARE! Justin and Southern Comfort prattle on about the jambalaya, until Brian finally interrupts, snapping with a much better southern accent, "Now, you can sit around here eating jambalaya, or you can come upstairs and eat my ass!" S.C. chooses the second option, but tells Justin that he does want to try the jambalaya later. Justin says sure: "My mom says it's always better the second day." S.C. joins Brian in the bedroom -- and doesn't seem too shy about making out in front of the minor, either. Justin tries to watch, but bolts when S.C. goes down on Brian, while Brian smirks at Justin. Point taken, Brian. Now shut up.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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