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Later, at the Liberty Diner, Justin excitedly describes the scene to Debbie, exaggerating a little bit. Instead of just pulling his dad off Brian, he's now guilty of hitting his dad a couple of times. Emmett rolls his eyes and says, "Don't forget how you single-handedly fought off those attack dogs." Ted adds, "Or how you foiled the assassination attempt by that Iranian death squad." Well, you know, give him a minute. Debbie -- wearing a t-shirt that has a picture of rooster on it, with the word "cock" written underneath -- tells them not to make fun, because "this poor child has been traumatized!" Why? He's seen you dressed worse. Oh, you mean by his father. Debbie wags her finger at Brian, reminding him that she told him there would be trouble. Justin rushes to Brian's defense, saying that it wasn't Brian's fault, and that Justin is not a child: "I'm going to be eighteen soon. That means I can vote, and join the army, and get married." Emmett sighs, "Hopefully not in the same day." Good grief, hopefully not at all, except for the voting, maybe, and even that's an iffy proposition these days. Debbie replies that Justin's parents still think of him as a little boy: "They're not ready to think of you sucking cock or taking it up the ass." Uh, neither am I, actually. As usual, Brian decides that's enough talk about someone else and whines about his poor bruised ribs. Mikey nods in sympathy. Brian snarls that he should have Craig arrested, but Debbie insists that he leave it alone. As she tries to finish busing their table, she stumbles. Mike asks whether she's okay, and she says that she's just tired; she's been working since six in the morning. Lifting the bus tray, she takes one step and collapses. Everyone at the booth rushes to her side. As Mikey picks her head up off the ground her red hair falls off, and amidst all the screaming and yelling and calling for ambulances and general mortification, my only thought is, "Oh, thank GOD that's a wig!" Debbie's conscious, and completely embarrassed, and insists on finishing her shift. Mike insists on taking her to the hospital instead. Debbie cries, pitifully trying to put her wig back on.

At the Taylor Manse, Craig is soooooooo busted. Craig tries to defend himself. You know the drill -- he did what he HAD to do. Jenny cries that that he knew how close they were to losing Justin altogether. Craig tries again -- hey, he told Justin to come home and he wouldn't! Jennifer loudly points out that Craig was behaving like a psycho at the time? Yeah, Justin prefers his psychos MUCH better looking. Craig tries yet again -- he just wanted to protect Justin. Jennifer yells that Craig's the one from whom Justin needs to be protected. Obviously, Craig Taylor doesn't make a living as a lawyer. Fed up with all this logic, Craig screams back that he gave Justin a choice, and he made it, and that's that. That's pretty much the straw that breaks the camel's back; Craig's sleeping on the couch tonight. Craig shrieks that he's not going to be humiliated by "a bunch of..." Jenny finishes for him, "Fags? I've got news for you, Big Man. You already have been." DIVORCE!

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