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Three's A Crowd

Babylon. Men grab at each other. Music. Lights. Dancing. Michael wanders around looking for Brian. He finds him on the catwalk. He totally interrupts Brian's handjob. "Why aren't you at Ben's, taking care of the invalid?" Brian asks. Michael says that Ben's doing great. Then how come you won't let him do anything like go out with you and your real boyfriend? Brian shoos away his handjob boy. Michael asks where Justin is. Brian says that he's at home doing a project.

We see Justin "doing" his "project."

Michael, the giddy tattletale, says that he called Brian's house, but there was no answer. Brian says that Justin's probably out fucking some other guy. He figures Justin would do that, since he wanted to fuck everything that walked when he was Justin's age. Michael can't believe that it doesn't bother Brian to have Justin see other people. Why? Isn't that how Brian always feels about everything? Michael asks how Brian would feel if Justin started seriously seeing someone else frequently. Oh, just fucking come out with it, Michael. You're so pathetic.

The violin punctuates this conversation. We watch Justin and Ethan in a loving montage. Justin draws Ethan as he plays. Michael asks what if there was someone Justin was seeing that Brian didn't know about. "He doesn't owe me anything," Brian says, as Justin and Ethan mesh into each other. "What about the truth?" Michael asks. Yeah, they really care about the truth. Justin and Ethan keep making out, touching each other and holding hands as the violin keeps playing.

We watch Brian at Babylon but hear the violin come to a close as Justin's world changes from the blue-light anonymous bump and grind of Babylon to the solitary melody of the romantic violin.

Mel walks out as Leda guns up her motorcycle. Mel says it's great that Leda found another place so quickly. "Like you give a shit," Leda says. Mel says she does care a great deal. Leda calls her a proper, dignified, hypocritical bitch. Leda looks different in the light. She says she doesn't want to hear any more of Mel's problems. Mel says that she and Lindsay are a couple, so they don't have room for a third party, no matter how much they care for her. All is suddenly forgiven, and Leda says that seeing the two of them made her wish she could be a part of what they have, and that she's lonely. She says that Mel's lucky. Mel nods and tells Leda it's time to find someone of her own. "I might just do that, babe," Leda says. "I might just do that," she repeats for no reason. She hops on her bike and tells Mel to give Lindsay a sloppy soul kiss for her. She kisses Mel, puts on her helmet, and starts up the bike. Mel tells her to let them know where she's at. "Don't I always?" she asks. She takes off, taking her pretty boobies with her.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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