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Save the Last Dance For Me

Brian is shirtless in his loft, drinking a bottle of scotch, smoking a joint, with a nicely wrapped box next to him on the coffee table. After Lord knows how many glasses, he slowly reaches for the box.

Back at the party, Emmett watches Blake talking to Justin, and asks Ted whether he's talked to Blake, yet. Ted reaches for one of the huge stack of pancakes Em's offering, trying to change the subject. Emmett moves the pancakes away from him. That's just cold. Ted pouts and says no, he hasn't talked to Blake yet. Emmett strongly suggests that he do so. Ted sulks, "This is a goodbye party, not an intervention." Hell, since we're all here, why not do both. Let's start with Mike and work our way up. Emmett snaps that the sooner Ted says goodbye, the better, and Mike, thinking that they're talking about him, reminds them that they don't have to say goodbye now, because he's not leaving until the next morning. Emmett smiles that they weren't talking about him. Ted tries changing the subject with Mike and asks whether he's packed, yet. Mike replies that his "whole entire life" is being shipped to Portland, even as they speak. Emmett worries that he's getting cold feet. Mike snorts that he hasn't had cold feet since he lived with Emmett, and recounts a nice happy story about banging on the pipes to get the heat to work. Emmett shrugs, "Better than banging the landlord." Ted shrugs, hmm, maybe. Auntie Em starts to tear up and adds, "Well, honey, if you ever want to come home, you just click your heels three times --" and runs off. Mike turns to Ted and says, "I guess I'll miss you most of all, Scarecrow." Aw. So sad, it's like Mike is actually leaving. He and Ted hug. Ted dashes off. Mike turns to follow him, but gets waylaid by his mother, who asks whether he's going to be okay. Mike's worried about her, though, and Debbie bravely snorts, "For Christ's sakes, Michael -- you're going to Portland, not the moon." Debbie continues that it's no big deal, which is what she's been saying. Vic confirms that's what she's been saying, all right. Debbie asks for a big hug, which Mike gives her. And then she can't let him go. Mike's like, you're suffocating me, but Debbie insists that her arms won't move. Mike calls Demon and Vic for help, and they pry Debbie off her son.

Brian's. Brian pulls the scarf out. Brian wraps the scarf around himself. Then there's a montage of Brian running around his loft shirtless, dancing with the scarf. Like I said, I didn't see the advisory about scarfing, so I seriously thought that he was just running around his loft shirtless, throwing his scarf up in the air. I figured they were just taking the opportunity to show off some half-naked Brian. I didn't know there was a point to it. Who would have guessed?

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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