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Save the Last Dance For Me

Meanwhile, back at the party, Mike drags Justin off to the side. Justin protests that he didn't do anything to Michael's room, but Mike just wants Justin to do him a favor. Justin snorts, "What? Disappear?" Foreshadowing checks his watch. Mike says that he gave up on that a while ago. Foreshadowing goes out to check the money on his meter. Mike asks Justin to take care of Debbie while he's gone: "Make sure she doesn't work too hard. Help her around the house. Take out the trash. And if you see that she is lonely, just sit with her for awhile and let her talk, even if you've heard it before. Because sometimes she just needs to know that someone's listening." Mike's not too bright, but he really is the sweetest thing. Justin promises. Mike awkwardly walks away.

Later, Ted watches Blake laugh with Brian's Lesbians and Justin in the kitchen. Blake runs over to Ted and gushes about his friends: "They are, like, family." Ted says that they aren't "like" family, they are family. He takes a big swig of beer and adds, "Because we trust each other." Blake's like, you don't trust me? Ted says that he knows Blake's been using drugs again. He explains that some drugs fell out of his coat pocket. Blake has the nerve to be outraged. Ted says he really doesn't care that Blake's upset, he just can't pretend that he didn't see it. Blake snaps that he was afraid of disappointing Ted, of failing again. Ted shrugs, "Well, you have. I can't live with an addict. And I can't make love to an addict." Blake looks back at all the happy people in the kitchen. Ted continues, "And it sickens me, to see what you're doing to a person that I happen to care a lot about, that cares so little about himself." Ted concludes that he doesn't have any choice but to say goodbye. Blake cries that he doesn't want to be like this. Ted tells him that, if that's true, he should check himself into a rehab clinic. Nice play.

Meanwhile, back in the loft, Brian tosses the scarf up in the air. Sat here the whole first time I watched this, no idea what he was doing.

Meanwhile, back at the Party That Fashion Forgot, Emmett offers everyone some moose jerky. They all laugh, but he's not kidding. He found actual moose jerky. Back in what I'm just going to assume is Mike's old bedroom, Mike mopes on the bed while Demon towers over him, trying not to look too concerned. Mike says that this is all harder than he thought it was going to be -- good thing they're leaving first thing in the morning. Demon kisses him on top of the head, and on his way out the door, is like, oh! By the way, I changed our reservations to tomorrow night. Mike can't believe it, and asks why he wasn't told. Demon shrugs, "Does it matter?" Uh, yeah. When you're leaving everyone and everything you know, it's kind of nice to know exactly how much time you have to prepare for that. What an ass. Demon's like, it's just a little change of plans. Which, I'm sure, was more convenient to him than it is to his boyfriend. Mike starts yelling, specifically about not being allowed to do anything, because Demon insists on having total control. Not the issue I was concerned about, but hey, whatever gets him there. Emmett walks up and then, hearing the yelling, walks back into the living room again. Mike continues, "No, you just thought I couldn't handle it. That I can't even hang a fucking screen door!" Demon closes the bedroom door. He asks Mike what the hell is going on, and Mike growls, "You just think I'm going to go along, whatever you want, on your terms. Like a child! Or a trophy wife!" Gee. I wonder where he got that idea? Mike continues that he's the one who's giving up everything to follow Demon across the country: "And I have to wonder, if the situation was reversed, would you have done the same for me?" Demon doesn't really have an answer. Mike figures that's an answer in and of itself, isn't it? And then he covers his mouth with his hands, as if shocked by his own boldness. Join the club, Princess.

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