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Save the Last Dance For Me

Demon's Lair. Demon's packing his last suitcase, while Mikey sits in the corner. Demon intones, "Considering how you feel, I think it's probably a good idea that you not go." Mike points out that this would be what Demon "thinks," not that he's asked Mike. Again. Still. And, um, hello, Demon just packed up his entire life and shipped it to Portland. It's called "a fight," ass. It's called "working out issues." Christ. Mike says that it would nice if, once in a while, Demon used the word "we." Demon says it's obvious Mike's decided that he's not going. Mike never said he wasn't going. Demon says that this isn't about "changing flights, or changing screen doors; this time it's about Brian. If he wasn't leaving, you would never have agreed to go." Oh, for God's sakes. That is so old. I'm the first to call Mike on how stupid he is about Brian, but Mike has shown nothing but love and devotion to the Evil One since they moved in together. Demon, on the other hand, has been controlling, manipulative, and felt the need, hello, to go get jerked off by other men. Mike says that it's not about Brian, it's about Demon. Demon's trying not to hear that, and says he has to go downstairs to meet his car to the airport. Mike says that he can take Demon, but Demon declines that offer. Mike grouses, fine, have it your way, and Demon snaps, "The way I always do?" Exactly. Bye. Mike apologizes, because even with the spine, he's still Mike. Demon tells him to stop apologizing: "I'm the one who should be apologizing to you." Right. Don't miss your plane, now. Demon apologizes for not including Mike in decisions, and for disregarding his feelings, and whoa, is that a car horn honking I hear? and wraps it all up by saying that if situations were reversed, he doesn't know whether he could do the same thing Mike was going to do. Mike says that's great, but that it wasn't what he was going to say: "It's not up to you to decide what it is I should do with my life. It's up to me. And if I didn't do it, then it's my fault." Mike adds that he should really think things through more clearly before he makes such a big decision. Demon says that he hopes Mike will change his mind, and hands him a plane ticket, saying, "And if you do, I'll be waiting. And this time, on your time. On your terms." Shyeah. Right. At last, a car horn does actually honk. Demon looks like he wants to hug Mike, or say something else, but he just. Leaves. Yes!

Debbie's. Emmett walks down the stairs and calls for everyone's attention, "everyone" being Brian's Lesbians, Jennifer, Debbie, and Vic. Emmett grins, "Remember that little twink in the midriff tee and fatigues who went up the stairs? Well, just take a look at who is coming down." Justin makes his entrance, all duded up in a tuxedo, hair slicked back and up to hell and gone. Looks pretty good. Everyone oohs and aahs. Vic grins, "Well, what do you know. The little chicken's become cock of the walk." Justin looks pretty pleased with himself. So, you know. The usual. Melanie laughs, "Jesus, I could go for him myself." St. L. adds, "If I don't beat you to him!" Yes, Justin looks so good that he's giving the lesbians hard-ons. We get it.

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