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Save the Last Dance For Me

St. James prom, a.k.a. Baby Babylon. The kids boogie away, but they all seem to have taken dancing lessons from Gale Harold. The camera pans to Justin and Daphne, who both dance pretty well. You know, she being black and he being gay, and all. Daphne's wearing a fluffy orange prom dress, and while that color isn't my favorite, she looks just adorable, doesn't she? Chris Hobbes -- definitely Gale's star pupil -- is trying to pay attention to his beard, but can't take his eyes off Justin.

Aunt Betty's. Emmett has come along for Ted's visit later that evening. Ted goes to the front desk and asks for Blake. The attendant says that Blake checked himself out. Ted replies that Blake just checked himself in that afternoon. Nevertheless, he's gone. Ted walks over to Blake's room, and yup, he's gone. Emmett marvels that people can leave whenever they want. That's why it's called "checking yourself in." Ted asks whether Blake said where he was going, or left a message. The attendant asks whether he's Ted, rummages around, and hands him...La Traviata. Ted, shocked, walks out, letting the CD fall out of his hands and onto the floor.

Baby Babylon. Brian walks into the room and surveys his acolytes. He walks up to Justin and Daphne. Daphne sees him first. Justin can't believe it. Justin stalks past Hobbes, who's trying to make out with his beard. Hobbes looks up and can't believe it, either. Brian looks way hot -- black jacket over a black shirt and pants, white scarf wrapped around his neck. If I weren't engaged...and he weren't gay...and not real...I'd probably be looking across a bar at him thinking, "Wow, he's really hot." Justin can't stop grinning. Daphne's all, "Cool. Drama!" Justin says that he thought Brian wouldn't be caught dead there. Brian says something dumb about "recapturing his lost youth." Justin got lost? Daphne giggles. Brian tells Daphne that she looks hot, and gives her a kiss on the forehead, adding, "I'd fuck you." So not fair. Daphne giggles, and babbles, "You too, Brian." Brian asks whether he may borrow Justin. Daphne agrees. Brian drags Justin to the middle of the dance floor, and on cue, "Save the Last Dance For Me" starts playing, the lights dim, and other couples form a semi-circle to watch. Chris Hobbes's head is about to explode. Foreshadowing loves this song. Brian drapes the scarf around Justin's neck, as they do a reasonably good waltz. You couldn't chip that smile off Justin's face. Brian looks pretty pleased, too. They switch into a tango. The kids around them register various degrees of disgust and curiosity. Justin is so in love. This was actually pretty cool of Brian. Slightly misguided, but wow, what a thrill for Justin.

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