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Save the Last Dance For Me

The hospital. An overhead shot of the EMT opening the back of the ambulance. She pulls out a stretcher on which Justin lies, blood all over his head and chest. I hope to God they left Hobbes in that garage to fuckin' rot. Brian steps out behind them, blood on his neck and mouth. He looks old. He carries his scarf, also drenched in blood.

Cut to the hospital corridor. Brian sits all by himself, staring off into space. Mike walks into the camera's view, and drops down silently next to his best friend. Brian's just devastated. He thinks back to the last time they all were in this hospital, Justin, Brian and Mike happily chasing each other down the corridor, when Gus was born. Slowly, Mike turns to look down the corridor, where Justin's stretcher went. Cut to black.


First of all, I'd like to thank Wing for giving this gig. And everyone who's been reading the recaps this season. And everyone who sent me email. You've made this has a really great experience for me, so thanks again, y'all. See you next year.

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