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Save the Last Dance For Me

Demon's Lair. Mike steps around a stack of boxes in the doorway, and walks into the living room to find Demon cheerfully directing a crew of movers, "Boxes marked 'S' go in storage, boxes marked 'P' go to Portland." One of the movers, holding Captain Astro, walks past Mike. Mike's surprised that the Master didn't tell him the movers were coming today. Demon thought he did. Mike's like, wow, I'd better go finish packing my stuff. Demon says he packed it for him. Mike's like, um, how do I know what you've put in S and what you've put in P? Demon assures him that it's all perfectly taken of, and hands Mike a card with the address of their new place on it. Mike's like, what new place? Demon rented a house on the internet, without consulting Mike at all. Because there wasn't time, or something, and apparently it couldn't wait until when Mike was home. Demon says that he'll love it, though, because it has an atrium and a pool. Why do I keep thinking Mike can't swim? Mike mutters that it all sounds great, and that he's going to go get the tickets. Demon already did. Uh, okay, then Mike's going to call Ted about giving them a ride to the airport. No need. Demon got a car. Mike, exasperated, asks whether there's anything he can do. Demon looks up and says, in his best condescending voice, "Yeah, you can stand there and look gorgeous, which you do so beautifully." He kisses Mike and sighs, "Isn't it great to be in love with a guy that does everything?" Up to and including running your life? Uh. No. Demon runs off, so he probably doesn't hear Mike grouse, "Yeah. So, I guess I'll just go to the beauty parlor and get my nails done."

Melanie's law firm. Damn, she cleans up nice. Ted and Emmett are in the waiting room, as she walks in and tells the receptionist to put a call from Bender at the ACLU directly through to her office. Jeremy, where do you work again? Melanie asks whether this is a fun visit, or whether they need legal advice. Emmett says that they just need lunch, and Ted asks her whether she can spare Blake so they can take him out. MM says she'd be happy to...if Blake had come in today. Uh oh. Ted, thinking quickly, says, oh, yeah, I forgot. He said that he wasn't feeling well this morning, so that's probably why he didn't come in. Or call. Or why Ted, who lives with Blake, didn't try him at home first. MM's busy looking at files, and she tells Ted -- a bit coldly, actually -- that this isn't the first time Blake hasn't shown up for work, and that on the occasions when he does, he might as well not have shown up at all. The other partners, she says, want him gone. And I feel like such a nag, here, I do, but um, it's been like, what, a week, maybe, since he got this job? He got back on the crystal, and started messing up, and it's been so bad that Melanie hasn't even called Ted to ask what's up? Especially since she more or less put her rep on the line to get Blake hired in the first place? I mean, she just saw Ted that morning. Nothing? Sounds like someone panicked, and was like, "Omigod! We have an episode and a half to write Blake off, and only fifteen minutes to do it in! Hey, you! Yeah, the intern who writes Gale Harold's lines? Whip something up for me, wouldja?" Anyway. Ted blathers that he'll talk to Blake, but Mel interrupts him to take the call from Bender. As they walk out, Ted warns Emmett not to say anything. Emmett says he wasn't going to say anything: "Except it's not [Blake's] germs he didn't want to share. It's his drugs." Nice. Ted asks Emmett why he has to be so cynical. Emmett snaps that he'd rather be cynical than in denial. That's not your friend's heart breaking right in front of you, or anything, Em. Don't worry about it. Ted clears his throat, and insists that Blake has a cold.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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