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Save the Last Dance For Me

Anyway, Brian heads downstairs, possibly to the recently relocated Back Room of Sex. He pulls out his cell phone, and is stopped by Justin, who says, "He's far too young for you." I didn't catch Brian looking at anyone else, so maybe Justin's come to his senses and is referring to himself. Probably not. Probably just trying to get Brian's attention. Still. Justin asks Brian to dance, and Brian says something stupid about breaking his hip. Justin tells him to knock it off with the old-age wisecracks: "It's not like you're forty." Heh. Brian finds that to be scant comfort. Justin asks what Brian's doing Friday. Brian says something dumb about his short-term memory. Justin asks Brian to the prom. Brian: "As what, your chaperone?" Ha! Justin meant as his date, of course. Brian snorts, "I'd love to...but my prom dress is still at the dry cleaners." Justin's like, please? Brian's all, are you out of your mind?! Justin whines, "I wanna go with someone I care about. And if that happens to be a guy, who cares?" Brian rolls his eyes, "That's just what I need -- to be on a dance floor with a bunch of fuckin' eighteen-year-olds." Babe, look around you. You're pretty much already there. Literally. As if reading my mind, Justin grins, "I thought you like fucking eighteen-year-olds." Ha. Ha. Ha. Give it up, Justin. Making it perfectly clear, Brian replies, "Go buy a corsage. For someone else."

The next morning at the diner, Emmett's at the counter eating pancakes when Ted walks in. Emmett snerks, "Well, someone's looking all fucked out." Ted says that "someone" is all fucked out, thanks for asking. Emmett tells Ted he needs vitamins, and then orders his friend a cup of coffee. Ted mutters that he and Blake had sex all night, and that he only got half an hour's sleep. Emmett snorts, "Okay. Now, this is what we call a 'high-end' problem." Ted droops, "Only it wasn't him I was fucking. It was some drug." Emmett looks kind of sad when he hears that, but Ted snaps at him to not look so smug. Emmett tells him that he's not happy, he's sorry. Me too, by the way. Ted starts to break down, wondering what he's going to do. Emmett: "You're going to drink your coffee...and then you're going to go home and change the locks." Ted's not too happy about just shutting Blake out like that. Emmett says it's that or keep living in denial. And making excuses for Blake. And panicking when he disappears, "not knowing if he's alive or dead. And then, when he finally shows up, having the supreme joy of putting him back together again." Ted says he can't do that, but that he can't throw Blake out, either. Emmett gives him another option: "Aunt Betty's B&B. He can join a long line of illustrious guests, like Liz and Liza." Plus, Emmett adds, it'll be a good test to see who Blake loves more, "[Ted] or crystal."

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