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Save the Last Dance For Me

Demon's Lair. Michael's rummaging through the closet, and then asks Demon where his flannel shirt is. Demon cheerfully tells him that he packed it. Mikey panics, because now he doesn't have anything to wear to Emmett's party. Demon throws Michael one of his own flannel shirts to wear. Mike, frustrated, thanks him. Demon says it was too small for him anyway, so Mike can keep it. Mike grouses, barely audible, "I don't need your hand-me-downs. What I need is someone who listens to me." Demon sighs patronizingly and asks what's up. Mike whines that they haven't even talked about what he's going to do when they get to Portland. Demon shrugs and says, okay, let's discuss it now. As Demon buttons up Mike's shirt, Mike futzes that he's not sure if he wants to work at the Big Q in Portland; maybe he should go back to school...Demon interrupts him to gasp that he promised the people that are leasing the house that he would put the screen doors back in! And this needs to be taken care of right away! Mike says that he can do it, but Demon's all about taking care of it himself. Right now. So he runs down the stairs to do it. Mike's one big bundle of frustration, but without the hard-on.

The once and future home of Mike and Emmett. He'll. Be. Back. Debbie, dressed in pink plaid, knocks on the door. She's greeted by Emmett and Mike, and sniffs, "I feel like I'm in a fucking forest!" Yeah, complete with a stuffed moose in the middle of the living room. Lindsay, Melanie, and Gus are playing on the floor, all dressed in red and black plaid. Debbie marvels that the apartment even smells like a forest, which Emmett proudly tells her is the result of pine-scented spray. And then sprays it on everyone. Not too many people are pleased with that. Mike explains that it's supposed to be "The Great Northwest." Demon cracks, "All we need is a bear to shit in the woods." Emmett reads my mind and says he knows a bear, and "he's into scat." St. L. laughs from the floor, "Come here, sweetheart, your Auntie Em is being gross." Ha! Vic takes off his coat and reveals a pair of flannel pajamas. On everyone's look he snarks, "What? You said to wear flannel." Love me some Uncle Vic. Ted sits next to Melanie and Lindsay and tells them that they've never looked more butch. Melanie snaps back that neither has he. Sad, but true. Ted retorts, "Flannel. Isn't that lesbian lingerie?" Shut up, Ted. As everyone laughs, Melanie tells him to "stick a dick in it, wouldja?" I'm gonna use that line again, someday. Justin, predictably, asks where Brian is. Debbie, holding the baby, grins that he's always fashionably late.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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