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The friendly neighborhood flophouse. Ted finds Blake passed out on the basement floor. He gently wakes Blake up. Blake asks how Ted found him. Ted tells him that along with being an accountant, he's also "a part-time sleuth." Blake, half-conscious, says Ted's funny. Ted snorts, "Yeah. Sheer terror piques my wit." Ted notes that Blake's hands are cold, even though the screen is doing that shimmery thing like it's supposed to be really warm in the basement. Ted tells Blake that he wants him to come back and stay at his house. Blake cries that he'll screw it up. Ted says that he'll make sure that Blake doesn't, and that he'll take care of him. Blake tells Ted to leave. Ted: "And leave you sleeping on a mattress that some asshole threw up on?" Blake confesses that he was the asshole that threw up on it. Ted takes Blake in his arms. Blake turns away, because his breath smells bad, but as an aria plays, Ted kisses him anyway. Blake asks how La Traviata ends: "Does what's-his-name marry the slut?" Ted replies that of course he does. And they all lived happily ever after. Liar. I know nothing about this particular one, but 'opera' has always been synonymous with 'tragic ending.' ["Camper's right." -- Wing Chun] Blake's going to be pissed when he reads the liner notes.

Brian's Jeep. Brian stops the car and pulls the bowling bag out of the back seat. Mike asks what he's doing. Brian yanks the ball out and stands in the middle of the street. He throws the ball down the street, and it rolls into the darkness, disappearing forever. He lifts his arms in triumph once again, and calls out, "So long, Jack!" A little quieter, he adds, "You son of a bitch." He turns to see Michael by his side, and hugs him tight, crying at last. And making me teary, too, bastard. The last shot is of Brian staring into nothing over Mike's shoulder. No, I'm fine. Just -- sniff -- leave me alone for a minute.

Next episode is on June 10. No previews, although I still haven't decided whether I'm going to watch Further Tales of the City. Have a good hiatus, y'all. Go outside some, it's real pretty.

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