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Liberty Diner. Daphne, looking all cute and non-virginal, walks in in slo-mo, with a much less cute friend. Justin's startled to see her, but happy. Daphne gives him the Big Smile -- oh, shit -- and says she just dropped by to say hi. Justin greets the other girl, whose name is September. As in the month. Justin asks if they want something to eat, on the house? Daphne orders a hot fudge sundae. Seppy (I don't know, there's no way people are actually running around calling her "September") declines, because she's on a diet, seeing as prom is only four months away. Justin shrugs okay, and Seppy adds, "I suppose you two are going [to the Prom] together?" Wha? Daphne giggles, embarrassed. Justin asks if he can talk to Daphne for just a minute. Over in the corner over there. Daphne tries to play like she didn't say anything, but duh. Daphne says that they never agreed to keep it a secret: "What's so terrible? The worst thing that could happen is that people think you're straight." No, the worst thing that could happen is that people ask Justin about it, and he tells them, every single one of them, that he only slept with you because you asked him to. As a favor. And don't knock the gay thing -- Justin's been through a lot just standing up for his God-given homosexual rights. Unbelievable: Daphne's actually pissing me off. Daphne continues, "Besides which, it was nice. I wanted to share it with someone." Someone discreet, like Seppy over there. Seppy grins at them hopefully. Justin decides to let it go. Daphne says that she thought they could do something when he gets off work. Justin says he has plans. Daphne's like, what plans? You didn't tell me about any plans. Oh, like, calling Brian and asking for advice on how to deter stalkers. Stuff like that. Karma is a bitch, isn't it, Justin? Justin asks why she doesn't hang out with Glen. Daphne, with a perfectly innocent expression on her face, says that they broke up. Turns out they didn't have that much in common. Justin's getting a little flustered. Daphne shrugs, "Lately, Glen and I have been running out of things to chat about. That never happens to you and me." And I got to tell you, I did a lot of dumb, stupid things when I was high school? And college? And, like, yesterday? But never anything like this. Total set-up, total manipulation on her part --and the capper is, she probably doesn't even realize what she was doing.

Ted's office. He's on a conference call with Emmett and Mike. Seems Blake's gone AWOL. Ted's been looking everywhere. Emmett drawls something about only running into people when you're not looking for them. Whatever. Ted's worried: "He never came home." Emmett snaps, "Home?" Mike suggests calling the police or the hospitals. Emmett suggests calling the morgue. Ted suggests that they both suggest something more helpful and less alarming. Emmett: "Forget why he left or where he went, and just be grateful that he's gone." Yes, I'm sure Ted will get right on that.

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