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The next day at the market, Guillaume, holding Gus, asks for white peaches and is denied. He mourns being caught in Pittsburgh. It's winter, you freak. Aren't peaches seasonal? Guillaume walks past Brian, who notices them before Guillaume notices him. Brian starts playing with the baby, and sneers, "And he even does the shopping." Guillaume sneers, "Look who's here, Gus. Your sperm donor. And you thought he had a job." Oh, man. Toast. Brian, popping peas (or something) from a bag into his mouth, sneers that he's on his lunch break. Guillaume actually called him "sperm donor." And I was nice to him last week, too. Many props to Brian for attempting to out-sneer a Frenchman, though. Guillaume tells Brian that he shouldn't put things in his mouth that aren't washed. Hmm. That might put a damper on his social life. Brian sneers, "You French. So hygienic. I'll take my chances." Guillaume sneers that he guesses Brian is "used to living at risk." Brian thoughtfully sneers, "You know, you're taking quite a risk, yourself. In fact, if someone wanted to, they could...report you." Guillaume's head nearly snaps off his neck. He finally sneers, "Yes. It would be trouble for me. I could be sent back to France. But it would mean far worse for Lindsay. She could be sent to jail, which isn't exactly the Côte d'Azur." Brian says that they really shouldn't go through with it. Guillaume shrugs that Lindsay won't hear of them calling it off. He grabs a large zucchini and asks what Brian thinks. Brian sneers, "Is it for dinner or is it for you?" Brian reaches for Gus, but Guillaume tries to shunt him aside because they have to go home and cook dinner. Brian: "Fuck you and your ratatouille. Give me my kid, or I'll shove that zucchini up your ass." Guillaume weakly gives Gus up, saying it's "just for a minute." Brian mumbles to the baby, "I know. He smells." Ha! Guillaume sneers, "I wish I had a camera to capture this rare moment." Brian ignores him. Guillaume adds, "You know, once Lindsay and I are married, we'll need you to keep your distance. We've got to keep up appearances. I'm even thinking about adopting Gus. That way, everything would be nice and legal." That got Brian's attention. Damn, man, this whole episode is full of evil.

Outside St. James. A nice little protest is going on, headed by Justin, Daphne, and Debbie. Everyone chants, "Hey hey! Ho ho! Homophobia's got to go!" That just looks silly in print, doesn't it? The principal rushes out and demands to know what's going on. Justin: "We're protesting St. James's bigoted policy on school clubs." The Principal says that he's had just about enough of this, young man! Debbie reminds him of a little thing in the Constitution called "Freedom of Assembly." Senator Baxter steps out of a car and walks up the drive as the Principal yells, "This is private property. You're all trespassing. I'm calling the police!" Ooh, and there're news cameras, too, so that should make him look real good. Debbie snaps that he might want to stick around a minute, as Baxter smiles at him benevolently. Cut to a little bit later, as Senator Baxter holds a press conference on the steps of the school, under a big ole P-FLAG banner. She tells the cameras, "Justin Taylor tried to start a club to promote tolerance and understanding, and was denied, under the basis that St. James Academy was a private institution, and isn't required to acknowledge the voices of all it's students. Well, if private schools expect to receive public dollars, then we can expect them to uphold the same values of freedom and civil rights on which this country is based." Word.

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