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Back to the fundraiser, which has turned into Bablyon Uptown. The suits have turned into HDGBs. Just, you know, pulled off their jackets and shirts and are boogy-ing away, because that's what you do when you've paid hundreds of dollars to attend a posh fundraiser. Brian's making out with the waiter in a corner. Jackie's shaking her groove thing in the middle of Suits Three, Four, and Five. Another waiter makes his way through the dancing masses with a shrimp cocktail poised perfectly on a tray. He trips. And falls. Right into Emmett and his cute little pink suit. Now it looks like it's covered with blood. So, Queer as Folk has just reached an all-time low for tastelessness. I'm sure TPTB are very proud. Brian leads the waiter, who doesn't seem particularly worried about getting fired, up the stairs. Mini-D tries to stop him, but Brian just smirks, "Don't worry. I'm just giving him a tour of your lovely home." Mini-D doesn't protest any further, because as I've pointed out many a time, he has no balls. He just apologizes to Demon some more. Demon tells him not to worry about it; no one's complaining. Across the room, Debbie laughs with the Senator, "I say, kick those Republicans right in the balls, except they haven't got any!" Mini-D is horrified some more. Demon drinks some more. Mini-D rushes over to the two women and asks Debbie to "stop monopolizing the Senator's time." Debbie: "I'm sorry, Diane." Mini-D's like, " 'Diane'?!" The Senator gushes that Debbie is a "remarkable woman! I attend a lot of fundraisers, and don't get me wrong, everyone means well, but they're usually very boring. But not this one! I have to tell you, I'm having a ball!"

Mini-D still pulls his mother aside. On her way to getting reamed by her son, Debbie makes Justin tell the Senator about the Gay/Straight Alliance he started. Once they're safely in the middle of the freaking living room floor, Mini-D snipes, "How dare you do this to me? And to David!" Debbie replies, "Do what? I was just talking to Diane. Do you know that she worked as a waitress to take care of her family?" Mini-D snaps that Senator Baxter was just being polite. Nice. Mini-D continues, "You actually think she wanted to spend her entire evening talking to you?" Bitch-slap him. Now. Debbie's mouth drops open, "Well, it's not like I nailed her to the floor." Mini-D tells her that they should all leave. Debbie: "This party was a stinker before we got here. You should be thanking us." Mike, a little louder, "For embarrassing the hell out of me?!" Ted, Emmett, Vic, Justin, David, and Diane are all staring at him now. So, that helped. Debbie nods, "I know that I'm a little hard to take sometimes. My jokes and my appearance, and my enthusiasm. Sometimes you're ashamed of me. That's okay. I'm your mother, and that's part of the deal. But Michael, I never thought the day would come when I would be ashamed of you." Burn! Mini-D scowls at her as she walks out.

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