Queer as Folk U.S.
Hypocrisy: Don't Do It

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Gay As Blazes? Hard As Anvils.

The B and B. Emmett sits down on the couch between Blaine and Blair and tells them that he has to quit. Blair and Blaine are quite upset. Have they done something wrong? Emmett says it's not them, it's him: "I'm unworthy to work for two such fine men." Blair says that's not true, and places his hand on Emmett's knee as affirmation. Blaine adds, putting his hand on Emmett's arm, "No one has ever given us service quite like you. In fact, Blair has told me himself how happy he is with your performance." Emmett's all, huh? Blaine starts to nibble on Emmett's ear, as Blair confirms this, adding, "And Blaine has done the same, haven't you, sweetheart?" Now Blair nibbles on his other ear. As his partner sticks his tongue in Emmett's ear, Blaine drawls, "We've never had a more congenial menial." Emmett pulls away once he realizes that they both know what happened. Didn't they say they were monogamous? Blair grins, "We are. But we can always use a little help around the house." Which means, what? That it's okay if they sleep around, as long as they're sleeping with the same person? Nice. Emmett's ooged out by this, and gets up off the couch, announcing, with great difficulty, "You know, I may be a slut. But at least I'm an honest slut. So find someone else to put the starch in your pants."

Justin's back on Liberty Avenue. He makes his way towards Brian, who's at the opposite end of the block. Justin's antsy, but looking strong. Brian watches him hopefully, apprehensively, just willing him to make it down the street. Brian mutters, "Come on, sonny boy." Justin does make it, and gives Brian a big hug. Justin sighs, "I wasn't sure I could do it." Brian grins, "I was." Kinder, gentler, Brian. Hard-ass without being a pain in the ass. More, please. I'm digging it. Brian kisses Justin, who asks what that was for. Brian snarks, "You know how much I like sex in public places." Justin dares him to fuck him right there, in broad daylight. Brian's like, you're certainly recovering, arent'cha? Justin grins, "Bad as new." Brian laughs, why don't we wait until I walk you back to my place? Justin says he can do it by himself. Brian fake gasps, "You can give yourself head?" Justin laughs no, he can get back to the loft by himself. Justin grins that he's sick of Brian following him around: "Don't you have friends your own age?" Brian says that none of them "adore" him as much as Justin does. Justin can think of one who does. Justin shoos him off to get ready for the awards ceremony. Brian is not thrilled about going. Justin says, "You're a hero. No matter what anyone says." He and Brian snog some more. And it's nice, actually.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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