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Hypocrisy: Don't Do It

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Gay As Blazes? Hard As Anvils.

Gay as Blazes. Bruce and Bobby tell a young man on their couch that he can live with them, and get off the streets. The boy marvels at their kindness: "I didn't know gay people like you existed." Bobby grimaces that not all gay people are predators! Bruce adds, "In fact, the only thing we like bound in leather is a good nineteenth-century novel." Bobby asks Travis if he's read Jane Austen. Travis hasn't. Cut to Emmett, sneering on his couch. He points the remote at the television and snarls, "Blaze this!"

Next week: Emmett announces that it's Pride Weekend. Melanie runs screaming into the arms of another woman, who she introduces to Lindsay as Nita. Lindsay's a little nervous. Justin runs into Chris where Chris is working off his community service. Nita tries to get Melanie to join her at the parade. Later, Melanie whines to Lindsay, "Does it always have to be Mel and Linds?" Like, hello? Lindsay yells that she enjoys it being just Mel and Linds: "I thought you did, too." Justin says he's not going to the parade: "What am I supposed to be proud of -- that I got bashed and didn't die?" Well, yeah. For starters.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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