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Hypocrisy: Don't Do It

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Gay As Blazes? Hard As Anvils.

Mike runs after Brian. As always. Brian asks if his lesbians sent Mike out to make sure Brian was behaving. Mike's, like, no, "I thought I heard you whistle." Fine, he actually says, "I thought we could misbehave together." Brian can't hang, though; he has to get home. Mike laughs, "Christ, don't tell me you're actually becoming a good example for gay men everywhere." Brian says that he'll leave that to Gay as Blazes. Justin is still staying with him, and doesn't do that well if he's left alone a long time. See, I like Nice Brian. I mean, we've been seeing hints of him all during last season and this one, and you know, no one's really buying this asshole crap anymore. Mike understands about Justin, but wonders what Brian's doing tomorrow. Excited, he hands Brian a couple of passes for a comic-book convention that's coming to town. Ah, the memories. I used to hang out at this comic book store in high school. Marvel Comics rules, man. Kitty Pryde was, like, my personal hero. Her and Storm. I never went to a comic-book convention, but I've been to a couple of Star Trek conventions. Oh,yes. Big ole geek talking to you right now. Brian snarks, "Whoa, dude! The kids at school will, like, puke, they'll be, like, so jealous." Mike guesses that's a no. Brian sighs, "I'd run away screaming, but it's been a long day." Hee. Mike gripes that he and Brian haven't hung out since he got back from Portland, and he thought maybe the ComiCon would give them a chance to do so. Brian rolls his eyes, but asks what time Mike wants to meet. They figure out a time, and Brian gives Mike a nice kiss. Mikey's thrilled, and it's just like Christmas.

The Happy Fun Living Room. Brian's playing with Gus while Lindsay eats a donut on the couch. Melanie wanders around the room looking for her car keys. Lindsay tells Brian that he's going to the damn award ceremony: "And don't think you can get out of it by inducing a sugar high with a cheap bag of donuts. Even though...these sprinkles are really good." I hate it when they have food, because it always makes me want to run out and get whatever it is. Melanie adds that she and Lindsay worked really hard to get him that award. Brian frowns, "Well, then get them to give it to someone who needs their approval." Because he doesn't. He doesn't need anyone! Well, except to have sex with...and prove his sexual superiority to...and confirm that he's still young and beautiful with. But other than that, fuck them and their approval. St. L. says it's not about approval; it's about honoring Brian's courage. Lindsay tries to get Melanie to try a donut. Melanie's freaking out about her keys. Brian sneers, "It's about the three hundred dollars a plate they're charging." Melanie informs him that the proceeds are going to a new daycare program "which, please, God, Gus will benefit from." Brian nods at Gus knowingly: "Did you hear that? Daycare." Gus gazes at him placidly, not overly concerned about it. Lindsay says it's not just important to the community, but also to her and Mel; it's their first year on the nominating committee. Brian sarcastically apologizes for "fucking with [their] social climbing." Lindsay's had enough of him. "You little shit!" she yells, throwing down the donut she's munching on and pulling the bag back so she can hit him over the head with it. Just in time, Melanie grabs the paper bag away from her partner, muttering, "Look, honey? That's enough sugar." Bwa! Melanie tries to feed his ego: Brian's really going to turn down an entire evening honoring the greatness and glory that is him? Brian starts to whistle nonchalantly and Lindsay finally asks him to stand up. Brian does. Lindsay literally grabs him by the balls and twists. She menacingly whispers, "Listen to me, mister! You will show up at the ceremony. You will check your pissy attitude at the door. And you will behave in a manner befitting a hero, or at least like you appreciate all the love, and support and hard work your fucking friends have gone to on your fucking behalf! Got it?" Brian groans that he's got it. Melanie, looking under the couch to no avail, shakes her head, looks over at the baby, and screams. Lindsay's like, what, did you find your keys? Melanie points to Gus. He's walking! He waddles over to Melanie and Lindsay, who hug each other gleefully. Brian groans from the floor, "Sonny boy. Come to Daddy!"

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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