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It's Because I'm Gay, Right?

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I Have My Daddy's Tits

Justin goes home beaming, bragging to Brian that he is going to get to dance on the bar tomorrow. Brian, who's up late working, remarks that it's awful soon to be moved up. "Told you I could take care of myself," Justin brags. Brian keeps working on the computer. Justin walks over and kisses Brian on the mouth. Brian looks suspicious. "Yeah, I guess you can," he says.

Debbie's putting the fake dad away. Michael walks in and asks why she's taking down "Dad's shrine." Debbie says it's stupid to have it up anyway. Out with the fake, in with the strained. Debbie says there's no need to pretend anymore. Michael says the truth is just as she said. "My father is Lieutenant John Michael Novotny. Died in Vietnam, April 10, 1970. He was killed just two weeks after I was born when the Jeep he was driving ran over a landmine that was carving a path through the jungle on a mission to save his troops. Right, Ma?" "Right," Debbie says through tears. "For which he was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart." Michael holds it up, and I wonder where Debbie found herself a Purple Heart to put on the fake shrine. Debbie sighs. "And his last words were, 'Tell my son I love him more than life itself.'" "'And I'll always be proud of him,'" Michael finishes. Debbie and Michael embrace as the camera lifts, and I really have to wonder why they've decided that Michael doesn't get to know his real father because Debbie was a single mom. I honestly don't get it. Wouldn't Divina want to know her son, too? Oh, forget it. I give up. Apparently on this show, being gay means you can't be yourself, can't be someone's parent, shouldn't be someone's parent, can't get married, shouldn't get married, should be lied to, should fuck around, should fuck for money, should suck cock constantly, and moan to the world that everyone hates you because of who you are. Why can't Cowlip make people act like people? Next week will Brian die and come back as his evil twin brother? Will Lindsay fall in a vat of acid in some evil magician's trick gone horribly awry? What's next?

Next is in two weeks. More Dumpster Boy action. Justin's a go-go slut. Pickle's gonna take Emmett on a trip around the world for a year. Michael tells the cop to stay away from Debbie. Justin's doing coke and not homework. And Melanie gets amnesia and suddenly remembers she's actually a princess from another planet.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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