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Aah! Babies are staring at me again! We're at a center for early education/day care/fancy-pants place, but someone hired babies who don't understand the fourth wall. Creepy baby stares! The Day Care Lady (who I shall now nickname BadHair) is telling a group of parents that their center offers blah blah blah to "degree candidates" and blah blah expensive blah pretentious blah Montessori. Mel scoffs at the term "degree candidates," since the kids are pre-schoolers. How old is Gus now? BadHair says they'd love to let in all the kids, but they can't because then the center wouldn't be exclusive. Lindsay raises her hand and asks what determines the final decision. BadHair says the child's own unique talents and abilities will play a big part, but that they're also trying to create "the full spectrum of human diversity. Race, religion, socio-economic background." Mel asks, "What about sexual orientation?" Yep, gay kids, too. Lindsay asks if there are any same-sex-parented children currently enrolled in the school. BadHair says that there aren't, but they're going to do whatever they can to fix that situation. Lindsay smiles, knowing Gus is in because he's got two mommies.

The diner wall changes artwork. Now it's all Justin's. Debbie tries to sell one to a customer for fifty bucks. Doesn't work. The guy just rudely walks off, as one would expect. Debbie tells Justin that the customer didn't know dick about art. Suddenly, Jennifer is standing there. She chastises Justin for not telling her he had his own show at the diner. Justin says it's not the Museum of Modern Art. "That's next!" Debbie shouts. Justin and Jennifer hug. He asks if she's hungry. She just ate, unfortunately. She sits down. Aren't you absolutely riveted? I mean, every scene has just been chock-full of driving storylines. Does Jennifer want lunch? Will the customer be interested in buying a framed print off a diner wall? Will the baby stop staring right at me? Jennifer says she needs to talk to Justin about his father. He's decided to stop paying for Justin's school. "That lame-ass shit," Justin says. "What's his feeble excuse?" Who talks like that? Jennifer says that Justin's father's having a hard time making ends meet with the stock market and having to pay for two entire households. "And he's a lame-ass shit," she concludes. She tells Justin that she'll help pay for his school. Justin says that Jennifer needs that money for herself and Molly. He says he'll take care of it himself. Who pays his rent? Brian? Does Justin have any expenses?

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